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  • Repossessed cars
  • jag61
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    Seen a deal on a car for youngest daughter *anyone had experience of repos will this come back to bite us like cat S might? Too far away to test drive or collect so assume distance buying regs kick in so any advise welcome
    *she will be paying us back I’m not that generous

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    Provided it’s been inspected and refurbished, it might be worth a look. We had one in at work once, it had been rejected for refurbishing as it was a 2014 Peugeot, IIRC, but someone had decided to take it on. I had the misfortune of having to move it from arrivals to despatch – dear God, the stench when I opened the door was unbelievable! If I’d actually thrown up inside it, which I almost did, it wouldn’t have made it worse, it stank like a dustbin full of kitchen waste left in the sun for a few days. It was full of rubbish, and there was a centimetre or so of water in the driver’s footwell with an apple core dissolving in it.

    The exterior actually looked fairly reasonable, but the interior… 😱😖🤢

    Caveat emptor, as always.

    Just to give an idea…

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    check the finance has been cleared properly with a reputable firm. I bought one that was a bit of a ballache as, despite having been sold by the finance co, they didn’t clear it off :/

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    Thanks for info bit more homework needed yet I prob won’t mention Christine to her just yet!

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    but the interior… 😱😖🤢

    Ours is a fairly nice family estate. Buy a few years of kids puking, detritus, sodden socks left in there. Shamefully similar to your example.

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    I bought a repo at auction once, full of personal stuff looked like it had just been towed off someone’s drive. 1 year old about half the new price. I paid 100 quid indemnity fee in case of comeback, something about auctions protects the buyer and gives you good title.

    Fab car, at least you know why it was for sale.

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    @countzero that looks like the inside of our Mondeo. In fairness it doesn’t smell though.

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