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  • JoeNation

    If it's hallmarked it's solid silver, made by a certified silversmith.

    Best bet is to check Yellow Pages for trophy makers and show them what you want. It probably won't be cheap, even for cheap copies (if you see what I mean). Have you asked the people who awarded you the trophies if they have/can get replicas?



    I won two very nice trophies last year (warning, much showing-off to follow as they are very nice). Unfortunately the two trophies in qusetion have to be returned soon to be given to the winners of this year's events. I was wndering if it was possible to have copies made, in order to be able to continue showing-off for years to come. I can't afford to have real silver replicas made, but a shiney lesser metal would do nicely. Can anyone recomend somewhere I could have copies made? Preferably either in the south Lincolnshire or Birmingham areas?

    The first is an engraved double-handled silver cup, around 15 inches high and 5 inches diameter. It dates form the early 1950s and is real silver, or at least silver plate (it's got a hallmark, which means very little to me, that says RPYL and then a little picture) and has a bakerlite base.
    The second is 12 X 8 inch wooden plaque with a silver (again real silver) relief picture of some cyclists around 8 X 4 inches and an inch high. This dates from the late 1960s, the wood is showing it's age but the silver is still perfect.

    Andy H

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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