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  • Replacement Samsung phone screen
  • Tom B

    After a seemingly innocuous topple of about 18 inches when getting of my car just, I appear to have killed the screen on my Galaxy A70…. Had it for a month ffs!

    Genuine approved Samsung repair seems to be 109 quid. I’m sure I could get it done cheaper with third party parts. Any advice? First phone I’ve ever broken ffs


    You could definitely get it done cheaper using non genuine parts, but it can be hit or miss, you often end upnwith a phone that is never quite the same. If it’s only a month old I’d be tempted to bite the bullet and get the genuine repair done.

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    At just a month old a genuine repair is probably worth it.


    As above, cheaper might be a sub standard screen, it was on my moto xplay


    I believe that the original screen from Samsung will mean that brightness is adjustable.

    It’s only £20 cheaper from a phone type shop to fix with original screen so worth checking your local repair guys

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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