Replacement keys for VAG group car.

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  • Replacement keys for VAG group car.
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    54 plate passat.
    One key which got temporarily list earlier this week.

    I’m assuming it’ll be cheaper to buy a new car than to get one from a main dealer, so what’s the most cost effective way of getting a second key/alarm remote sorted.

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    Speak to a key cutting place, some can code a key form your old one.

    Failing that, it’ll be a couple of hundred quid from a dealer for a new key 😯

    I added remote central locking to my Fiances Polo – a used remote key was about £15, including a blank blade, cuting was about £20 but it was right on my doorstep, could have got it cheaper if I’d shopped around. A blank transponder chip was about a tenner. Provided you have at least one working key you can program a blank transponder by having the new key in the door while you start the engine with the old one (or something along those lines).

    Go around and ask your neighbours?

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    I had to replace the key on a 54 VW T5 a few years back. The only place i could get it was through a main dealer. From memory the physical key was something like £120 and it was £60 to program it in, so £200ish.

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    I have just been quoted £80 by my friendly independent and £144 by the main dealer for VAG. Unfortunately, the friendly independent is a way away and will need both keys, rendering it somewhat difficult to collect the car in the evening.


    I had a mobile locksmith and cut two keys for my 54 plate T5. If you can do without the remote, is you’re capable of putting a key in a lock and turning it, it’s about 60 quid a key. Remote is about a ton.

    You should be able to key it for less if hunt around ebay. You need two parts: 1) a key blank – ebay £4. Then get this cut to match existing key. I go to Bury St Edmunds market who charge £5 and do a great job. Then you want the electronics. For this buy a second hand key fob off ebay – about £15-20. You need to reprogramme the key fob to match your cars central locking and immobiliser. The lockng is easy: [video][/video]. This site gives info on the immobiliser.

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