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  • Replacement freehub for novatec d772sb hubs
  • damascus
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    I’ve just picked up a 2nd hand pair of wheels and the freehub is chewed.

    When I’ve googled it, it’s brought up prime freehub for £25 with spare bearings. Are the prime hubs rebranded novatec?–KBhAMEiwAxfpkWCqVeFXv-Sxvbx9c-Mw_9cXiocMFENMJ-J2Sr1FIwlxXnwTmT48NMBoCdLIQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

    I think this is the novatec freehub I need

    If so, how do I know if its the same as mine?


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    I got mine from the cycle clinic:

    Bearings are fitted in the freehub, you might as well do the ones in the hub shell at the same time.

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    Yes the Prime hubs RD010 RD020 are identical fitment to novatec 882 at least.

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    Yes I have the prime rd020 hub on a gravel bike and a d772sb on my mountain bike and the freehubs are interchangeable.

    One thing to note is the prime rd020 shimano hg freehub was a road 11 speed type which is slightly longer than MTB spec, so you need a cassette spacer to run an MTB cassette. I see the chainreaction listing comes with one. Also that chainreaction listing has the anti bite guard steel spline to stop the cassette biting.

    The axles are not interchangeable as the prime is centre lock and the d772sb is 6 bolt and they have different ends for the two types.

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    Just fitted the prime freehub. To my novice eye they are exactly the same. The bar codes are slightly different but the prime one does say b2 which is what I was after.

    The prime hub doesn’t come with a spacer that goes inside the freehub so I used the one off the old one.

    I tried installing with the seal that goes over the pawls but it was very tight and didn’t roll very well. I notice that the one I took off didn’t have a seal so I didn’t bother using it. At £25 for a full freehub I’ll risk it.

    Its all fitted, spins nicely and has a nice loud buzz like a hope.

    Hopefully the prime one with a bite guard won’t get chewed up like the last one.

    Thankyou for your help. Hopefully this might help others in the future. Cheers

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    The seal is odd – was the old seal still in the hub side? I’m sure mine have the seal fitted.

    If there was no seal I’d expect your old freehub to look much more worse for wear….

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    Spokesman Wheels have Novatec hubs and spares if you are looking for parts.

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