Replacement brake lever

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  • Replacement brake lever
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    After my muc off bleed incident my brake lever has given up the ghost – no return, holding the pads in place and brake fluid peeing out everywhere. They were Shimano Deore from 2014 Whyte 905.
    First lever ordered (Shimano Alivio 447) was a right hand lever (despite being packaged as left).
    Second lever ordered (Shimano Deore M6000) was a left lever but unlike the Alivio doesnt have a hole for the shifter collar to mount into.

    Any ideas what I need? This hassle breaks my spirit and determination to do my own maintenance.


    Premier Icon jaminb

    BearBack thanks for your help – I didn’t buy the Shapeways adapter in the end but I did learn all about I – Spec.

    I found one of these, Shimano Zee M640 I-Spec-B Disc Brake Lever at Evans all went together great and I am now looking forward to saturday in the Peak.

    thanks again, I am very happy!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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