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  • Repairing waterproof fabric seams (Thule Ranger roofbox)
  • simon_g
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    I have one of those Thule Ranger folding roofboxes – made of a heavy rubbery waterproof fabric like sturdy drybags or those North Face duffel bags.

    Got it out this time, not sure if it’s the age and/or the heat but the tape over the seams is all breaking down, leaving little sticky black flakes everywhere. I’m guessing it’s not going to be too waterproof in this state either.

    [url=]IMG_3479.JPG[/url] by kiteless, on Flickr

    The fabric is all in good shape so I’m happy to spend some time and money on cleaning the loose old stuff off and doing a proper repair rather than chucking some duct tape on there. But what do I need to buy? “rubber repair tape” is just giving me lots of self-amalgamating tape for leaky pipes.

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    Seam tape but im assuming you wouldnt be able to iron it on easily?

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    You could try an inflatable SUP type repair.

    Inflatable SUP Patch Kits & How to Fix a Leak

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    Thanks – the sort that needs heating will probably be tricky because I can’t get the seams flat like you could on a tent or coat, not sure I could get that applied properly. Think the inflatable/glue-on sort should do the trick but need to source a few metres of “patch” material to cover it all. Was hoping for some magic adhesive tape that could just go over the top but it looks like duct/gorilla tape is about as good as it gets.

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    I’ve used this stuff to repair tents and waterproof coats – might be of use?

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    Exactly the same has happened to mine. I’ve contacted Thule to see what they recommend. The tape mentioned here is awesome; I’ve used it to repair down jackets in the past. I just don’t think it’ll be heavy duty enough for the Ranger.

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    Tarp tape would apoear to be what you need.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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