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  • Renthal FatBar line up grid with non Renthal Stem
  • jayx2a

    I know you adjust the roll of your bars to suit by I always aim to start with my bars with the centre of my stem marks lining up with the centre marks on the bars and go from there as my eyes are shot and if I relied on them my bar roll would be all over the place!

    However the grid on the Renthals is not at the front and is used to line up the bars with the marks on Renthal stems.

    Any ideas where the grid should sit on a non Renthal stem to get near enough the correct rise and sweep?


    Can’t you just fit them and adjust until they feel right? I wouldn’t trust the decals to be that precise

    Premier Icon roverpig

    I start off by lining them up with the little gap where the faceplate joins the stem. But I have to look at the other bike to remind myself of the starting point 😀 Then adjust by feel.


    Renthal actually said to use my phone and angle app and on a flat twist them until the app reads the upsweep correct!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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