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    Our little man wasn’t very well at the start of the week.

    Cue every surface sprayed in sick 😥 😯

    A decent clean up was carried out after each outburst but things like the sofa and carpet still hum ding.


    Any pointers/tips.

    On the cusp of burning it all!

    Last car I bought had a smell of baby sick.
    I put in an expensive deodoriser, liberally sprayed with foul smelling air “freshner” and drove around with the windows open.
    It was ok after about 6 months.


    Hot water, some biological soap powder (Persil etc.) and a sponge.

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    bio washing powder works. clean mess up and while still damp liberally pour over area. leave for a few hours. brush up / vacuum and you should be sorted.

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    febreeze 😆

    generally gets used in one of our cars at least quarterly for this very purpose…


    Clean with baking soda. Works very well in cars…


    *bookmarks thread*


    If it was Norovirus, be prepared to get it yourselves. The virus is so successful that you can catch it if you’re even in the same room as someone who vomits or you flush a toilet in which someone has vomited or pooed, and the virus hangs around for many many days in the environment and even on the skin of the sufferer.

    Febreeze, by the way.


    parmesan cheese


    Can’t remember the brand name but it was some sorted floral version of a dettol type product that sorted out my daughter’s vomit smell that had a nasty habit of resurfacing in the car on hot days.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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