Removing pins from pedals – should I?

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  • Removing pins from pedals – should I?
  • I’ve been running flats for about 5 years now, after switching from very old SPDs, but lately I’ve had a few pedal/shin interfaces and I’m wondering whether it would be worth removing the middle pins at the front, back or both ends

    Pedals are Nukeproof Horizon.

    Anyone tried it? Did it make the pedal/shin events any less painful, or was there not much difference?



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    Less grip might make them better but more often….

    You can try it, but I’d agree with spydey.


    What foot wear are you using with your flats?


    Is your foot coming off the pedal or what’s happening? If your foots coming off, get better shoes (Five tens)

    I run my horizons with the washers taken out of the outer pins to make them longer, washers in the middle pins and the grub screws at the crank arm side of the pedal both removed.

    Loads of grip!

    If they hit your shin, you just gotta man up! :-p


    A nicely concave well designed flat pedal with good straight edges actually only requires 5 pins each side to achieve a good amount of reliable grip. and doesn’t require sticky rubber shoe soles to do so either. (FWIW one pin each side on leading and trailing edges, one centrally on the outer edge).

    slipping a pedal is 100% rider error rather than whether their pedals are fitted with 5 or 10 pins per side.

    toptip: learning no footers, one footers and crank flips will give you far more confidence and accuracy when removing and replacing a foot (even when it’s involuntarily/unintentionally removed)


    More superb advice from Geex, I think STW should collect all his postings together in one page so we can access the thoughts of a Big Hitter with a single mouse click.

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    He’s correct though.


    He always is. That’s why he’s a Big Hitter and the rest of us stand in awe.

    Apart from cynic-al, he’s a big hitter too, at least he’s always saying he is….


    Cheap football shin pads £5, the sort that have a Half an integrated sock. I have had no problems since. Also sits nice with knee pads if required.

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    You can always put them back, so why not give it a go and see if you like it?

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