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  • Remove a sheared brass screw?
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    I was mounting an alarm sensor onto my shiny new aluminium door frames and it turned out that I chose the wrong size of pilot drill and the worst material to use as a self tapping screw.

    I’m left with a 2-2.5mm brass screw sheared off almost flush in the frame – but just convex enough that I can’t drill into it.

    Any thoughts? Anyone fancy centre-boring a 3mm drill bit for me ?

    Premier Icon spennyy
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    Centre pop it first to guide the drill bit

    Premier Icon cromolyolly
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    If it really is brass in aluminium, you may be able to get it out by putting a Jewelers type screwdriver on it and tapping it with a hammer.  jewellers screwdrivers usually have pretty sharp ends. Brass should be soft enough that the screwdriver will cut its own slot.  Brass is soft enough that the threads won’t gall – it is sometimes used as bushings.  You may need to buy a new screwdriver though.  Or just sharpen an old one

    Or as spennyy says centre punch it – a sharp/sharpened nail is a good substitute for a centre punch.  Don’t use a nailset – those have the wrong shaped end

    Premier Icon bigyinn
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    Can you get enough of a hole in the end to use an easy out (LH thread) that screws into the drilled hole, then it bites and unscrews the remaining screw? I suspect its probably too small to do that though.

    Premier Icon drnosh
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    Brass self tapper?

    Are you sure its brass and a self tapper?

    Sharp centre punch. Drill out carefully to a size suitable to tap to a thread size that you possess screws of.

    Premier Icon jamesoz
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    Grind it off flat with a dremel and move the sensor slightly and drill new holes? Assuming it’s the first one you should be able to cover it.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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