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  • removals – packing and unpacking service?
  • Has anyone on here had a removal firm do the packing / unpacking for them?

    If so, roughly how much extra did it cost on top of the removal cost itself?

    We’re talking a 3 bed house, in Nottinghamshire.

    Joe (yes I am quite lazy)

    I have. Can’t remember how much it was, but knew the people (used them loads at work) & got a discount 😀

    Anyway, I’d say it’s worth every penny. If you pack it will take ages as you will start looking at all the rubbish you’ve collected over the years and it just takes an age (especially for women who want to talk about ‘do you remember…’ as they pick up some random junk). the removal firm simply see it as a room that needs to be put into boxes, and they do it really quickly.

    Sounds great. My theory was that last time, we wasted about a week packing, and it was a right stress making hassle. I’d value that week quite highly.


    Agree with pdf. having done 4 moves using packers, wouldn’t dream of not using them. If it took you a week last time, remember you will have accumulated even more stuff since so will take even longer. Another issue is that if anything valuable gets broken in transit, the removals company will only take responsibility and pay up if their people packed it.

    I would say definitely not worth having the unpacking service. They are not allowed to put stuff into cupboards, and you usually havn’t worked out where everything is going to go until weeks after the move

    Premier Icon Skippy

    My Mother recently moved house, 4 bed detached and I think they charged between 200-250. I would use the service if I moved again, takes a lot of stress away and also the packing gets done much faster.


    Check you insurance coverage, if they smash your stuff (like they did ours) we got a crap settlement. I’d rather do it meself.


    Premier Icon matthewjb

    Last time we moved we had packing.

    Cost was about £200 on top on the removal cost.

    We used Pickfords and they were brilliant. They packed the whole house in a lot less than a day (Three bed semi with lots of stuff)

    Premier Icon NZCol

    When i unpacked a box full of wine i found a bottle of half drunk red without a cork in it. **** knows how it all stayed in !!


    paid £450 last year to pack and move a 2 bed terrace. they packed the whole thing (included ca. 1000 books) in a morning so i went to the cinema! had everything in the van within a couple of hours on the morning too and made the whole thing a lot less stressful. nothing broken either. it was a lot of money but after paying for chancel indemnity insurance and sundry other bits and bobs it felt like great value.

    When we moved here a couple of years ago we used Baxters, and they packed our entire house and loaded it into a lorry in about five or six hours; drove to Germany the next day, and unpacked on the third.
    A year ago we moved to a bigger house in the same town, and because this wasn’t a work move I had to organise it myself and it took a fortnight of relentless bloody van trips, and I broke masses of stuff.
    We’re moving back to Hemel Hempstead in about a month, and I wouldn’t dream of packing myself – as mentioned above though, it’s probably worth unpacking yourself, as the movers won’t know where you want things to go.


    Another vote for the packing service, have used it four times now and worth every penny, depends on how much stuff you have mind. We have a pile of crap in a four+ bedroomed house.

    Unpacking service can be worth it, it gets rid of all the carboard boxes and packing paper whcih can be a real pain.

    YOu can also have fun finding the weirdest thing they packed. We have had bricks from garage, bread from kitchen, fruit from fruit bowl. Which is interesting on opening if its been in storage for a month or two.. 😯

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