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    So, apparently I’m cooking the Sunday roast this week, first time in about 7 years as I’m usually out riding on a Sunday morning.

    Any tips or things to remember – it will be pork, so proper crackling will be expected, proper roast potatoes and Yorkshires with some simple veg.

    I know it’s pretty simple and will be down to getting the timing right so it comes together, but any little tips to make this rare occurrence more impressive would be appreciated!


    Wether expected or not you will have failed if crackling is not present!

    mustard powder over your parboiled and shaken potatoes then into goosefat at the temperature of the sun.


    Find an old woman.
    Promise her some beer/gin/whisky/Babycham.
    Ask her to write the process down.

    They know, they just need bribing.

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    LOL @ crikey, thing is, me old mum will be coming for lunch as well, I’m hoping not to have her critiquing my efforts as well as my wife… and my kids….


    Make sure the joint is dry on the outside and at room temp before it goes in. Also score the fat and salt it to draw more moisture out. You can do mental things to the crackling as it cooks with cloves, sage, honey, chilli and stuff but that depends on your tastes. Also you could try making a gravy with ginger and mint but as per the crackling it’s not to everyone’s liking.

    Spuds are easy. Get fresh decent roasters, peel and parboil or steam. Put into hot oil and cook them til they start to colour then give them a gentle squeeze so that they sort of splurge out a bit. Then cook again until crispy.


    Browse Web for nearest Toby carvery, ring them book a table. Job done.

    Lady Gresley

    me old mum will be coming for lunch as well, I’m hoping not to have her critiquing my efforts

    Hahahahahaha – no chance!! 😀


    Yorkshire Puddings! Remember 843 rule. 8fl oz milk, 4 oz flour (plain) and 3 eggs. Pinch of salt. Do at least an hour before you wanna put on and put batter in fridge to cool. Pre heat oven. The difference in temperature between batter and oven is essential. You should have perfect yorkies! I wanna see pictures!!!! 😆


    Make sure your fat is smoking hot before you put your yorkshire batter in. Proper hot. If you’re not sure, its not hot enough. Give it 10-15 mins in the oven before you put the batter in.
    Oh, and once they’re in, DONT OPEN THE DOOR!

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    Take the fat from the meat, mix with some flour in a pan to make a paste, then add water from veg to make a lovely gravy.

    However, this is advice from a bloke that’s a bit pissed before 8:30pm, so you should probably ignore what I have to say.

    *goes to fridge*


    Do same quantity of eggs, flour and milk for Yorkies (ie cup of each) , again hot oil etc and make the mix up first before you start doing the pork and stuff. Even if the rest of your meal is sh1te the yorkies will be good 😀


    Roast carrots! You must roast the carrots!

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    For your potatoes – par boil them, drain, then put the oil and any flavours your going to cook them with (seasoning, herbs, onions, garlic or whatever) in the sauce pan with them and a glug of red wine vinegar. Put the lid on, shake the pan to fluff them up and spread the flavour about, then put them in the roasting tin. Coats everything evenly in oil and tastiness and uses less oil than pouring it over when they’re in the tin.

    If you’ve got a double oven I use the smaller one on its own for the yorkies as you want it far hotter than you would for roasting everything else. Properly preheat it as hot as it will go, and have the tray/oil in there getting smoking hot too. Once they’re in don’t look open the door again for 15 mins


    Put into hot oil

    again hot oil

    then put the oil

    Can I just state a simple unavoidable fact.

    Vegetable Oil of any description has absolutely no place in roasting vegetables or making yorkshire pudding.

    The fat used must be either beef dripping or goose fat, anything else is just wrong.

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