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  • Remember the Spider email?
  • MrSparkle

    He’s at it again. Sorry if this has been posted already.


    Linky no worky

    Premier Icon Stoner

    It’s like watching a very slow car crash. Through your fingers. From behind the sofa.


    So your the guy that’s been following me around. Grow some balls man, i wont be here to protect you forever! 😆

    just go to his website, he’s rather funny


    I promised to look after a friends cat for the week. My place has a glass atrium that goes through two levels, I have put the cat in there with enough food and water to last the week. I am looking forward to the end of the week. It is just sitting there glaring at me, it doesn’t do anything else. I can tell it would like to kill me. If I knew I could get a perfect replacement cat, I would kill this one now and replace it Friday afternoon. As we sit here glaring at each other I have already worked out several ways to kill it.

    The simplest would be to drop heavy items on it from the upstairs bedroom though I have enough basic engineering knowledge to assume that I could built some form of ‘spear like’ projectile device from parts in the downstairs shed. If the atrium was waterproof, the most entertaining would be to flood it with water. It wouldn’t have to be that deep, just deeper than the cat.

    I don’t know how long cats can swim but I doubt it would be for a whole week. If it kept the swimming up for too long I could always try dropping things on it as well. I have read that drowning is one of the most peaceful ways to die so really it would be a win win situation for me and the cat I think.

    a mildly offensive website


    Thanks, thats an hour and a half of my life, spent learning about his life. I had nothing better planned (I was thinking of painting something maybe?) but still, its the principle, and yesterday when I asked for links to timesucking websites as I was bored and off sick no one came to help me!

    it’s managed to stop my ‘cold’ turning into life threatening man flu for an hour or so

    wife is home soon though

    man flu alert


    Quick, switch all the lights off Mr Wright and get into bed! She will never know…sshhh

    i’ve only got one evening to milk it as i’m working tomorrow

    ah the joys of self employment

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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