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  • Yellow Belly

    Roadie riding buddies trying to persuade me to do a ‘Reliability Ride’ with them.

    Are they a sociable trip out, or a vomit-inducing roadie race-head fest??

    Would a 70 mile such ride with hills be a daft idea the week before a 2hr xc race?


    Usually 3 groups
    1. Vomit inducing painorama
    2. Some pain but not as much
    3. Fairly steady with moments of pain
    Are you looking at the Ickenham one tomorrow morning if so I’ll be there on a bmc cx bike.


    Did my first one ever last week, 50k and it was basically a flat out race, had to drop the pace at 2/3rd distance as I was about to puke, still manged to come in 2 mins behind them though.
    I think the law is: more than 1 bike on a ride = race


    we’re doing one tomorrow. Going to rely on some good mates to ride reliable bikes and get reliably arseholed on Drambuie.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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