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  • Relentless course – singlespeed friendly?
  • fifeandy

    People do it on SS, but they are crazy imo.
    Relentless course the last 2 years has been hillier than 10 under (packed almost as much climbing into a lap 5km shorter)

    Basically 2 main climbs/2 descents per lap with a short steep climb between the two main climbs.
    First climb spilts in two, with a 10-12% climb, a short rest, then a 12-20% climb.
    The mini climb that takes you up to the 4X course is very short, but brutally steep.
    The final climb is a much more mellow flowly climb that would work well SS.

    Edit: 2016 lap here:


    It’s brutal with gears, If you can ride it for 24hours on an SS then you could probably win it with 1×11 😉

    As above, last year there were mostly spinnable climbs but with one brutal section that had a lot of people pushing up even early on, and a few short sharp bits after the main car park.

    20 laps worked out at roughly 5500m of climbing……


    Cheers. That sounds a bit shit for 24hr 😐


    As above, considering this event and wondered if it’s much like 10umder which I wouldn’t fancy a SS on (I guess so given the no. of SS entrants).


    relentless is one of the toughest 24 courses i did …. iirc it was the only 24 hour race ive never finished – despite entering numerous times !

    and that was on gears… having done all the 10 unders on singlespeed and doing well….


    Best 24 hour course I’ve ever ridden, but I’d sure as hell not singlespeed it.


    That steep bit was a killer last year. I would hate to be on singlespeed for it. I could just manage it seated with 32-42t but then I only had to do 9 laps!

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