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  • Relay vs Ducato vs Boxer…. Same, same but different…?
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    Thinking of selling the T5 and converting a larger van.

    Not having to crouch when cooking, getting dressed or just faffing would be nice. As would not having to play tetris when rummaging through drawers and units. A fixed bed would be very convenient. Oh, and obviously having the bikes permanently inside the van!
    Oh, and both being relative short arses mean I can install the bed across the back of the van (and have a garage for the bikes and other assorted crap beneath it).

    So what are the key differences with Fiat, Citroën and Peugeot..? From what I can gather they all exit the same factory, but with different engine configurations.

    From what I’ve seen and heard they are better for rust than the German offerings, and a darn sight cheaper, too.

    Have an IVECO at work and I don’t like the cab space. Far too cramped.

    Any pitfalls to be aware of?

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    Fiat engine and running gear is thought to be best of the bunch. Don’t expect the same ride quality as your t5, I have a Nissan NV400 which is a rebadged Renault Master.
    I like it muchly but on reflection the Fiat/Citroen/Peugeot vans are “squarer” inside and perhaps easier to fit out. They are all galvanised unlike Mercs.

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    You’re where we got to 4 years ago, sold the T5 for a Boxer and don’t regret it for a moment! I’m 6’2 and I sleep across mine over the garage.

    Basically the Boxer and Relay are the same, bar the badges and trim details. I got the Boxer as the professional spec was better for the prices than the Citroen. The Fiat uses a Fiat engine and again different trims and badges.

    Coming from my ‘08 Transporter I found the build quality OK but not amazing, but then again I paid £14k +vat brand new, which is nearly half what VW we’re after.

    Mines the 2.2l PSA 130bhp engine and have no faults to report. I also own a Boxer with the 2.0 ad blue engine, which is a little quieter but other than that, identical to drive.

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    Have a Boxer based motorhome. It’s definitely a more ‘van’ driving experience than the T5 (used to have one of those), more upright position, etc… and the trim is more hard plastic and basic than the VW, so can be a bit squeaky/rattly.
    Don’t notice the size when driving though, just manoeuvring in tight spaces etc (although ours is a 6m coachbuilt motorhome not a panel van).
    I was considering a L1H1 when I bought a van recently and only went for a Trafic instead as I need to be able to get into some sub 2.2m car parks for work.

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    We’re doing the same this year for the same reasons.

    Will keep an eye on this thread.

    Plan is a lengthways bed with a small toilet cubicle next to it. It will be a basic camper but comfortable is the plan.

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    I converted a Relay H2L2 last year and have double bed sideways sufficiently high up to get bike under with front wheel off (just jam it in with dropper down then release to hold bike). Peugeot and citroen exactly the same but Fiat has different engine (spoke to a van dealer and he reckoned they had more trouble with the fiat) find it ok to drive but cannot comment on VW.

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    Just got a Citroen today on order, l3h2 With additional drivers pack for £22k Inc vat. Old one has done 100k in three years and it’s been superb, apart from the fag lighter no longer powering phone charger.

    You can have a lot of these for the price of a transporter, ok the resale is a bit gash but at least you don’t have to wave at every tw*t in a transporter and be part of the club 😁

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    Just got a Citroen today on order, l3h2 With additional drivers pack for £22k Inc vat.

    Wow, they’ve gone up a lot! I paid £17,600 inc. VAT 3 years ago for our L3H2 Boxer professional with SatNav, leather pack, heated seats, fog lights, electric mirrors, mud flaps, bulk head removed, uprated battery and tyres.

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    Fiat is an Iveco engine, Pug and Citroen are a PSA engine (aka Ford Transit).

    Our Fiat Relay works engineering/maintenance/pool van has been horribly abused and neglected and is still running great. The fully galvanized detail is the biggest plus point – this is from someone who owns his own Transit.

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    If you’re getting a new van, you can get different sets of options from different manufacturers – I think that the lists may have changed recently, but (for example) you used to be able to specify a glazed side door on a Boxer or Ducato, but not on a Relay. The Relays used to come with a shelf over the windscreen that wasn’t available on Ducatos; You could only specify an automatic gearbox box on a Ducato, etc.

    The engines are all on the change for euro 6D compliance, I believe.

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    If you blow the fuse for the cigarette lighter, its in the fuse box under the bonnet. Royal pain..

    Premier Icon alpin
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    So far so good… But I’m still none the wiser as to which to buy.

    I’ve seen new Ducato for 19K€,although not sure I the options….

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