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  • Stevelol

    That looks very smart. Is there much benefit to a spiderless ring other than weight? I’m interested in one of mrp’s new 30t rings with a micro g2 guide.


    I am going the same with my 146 as it was designed to run 1×10 from what I have read.

    How many teeth have you gone with, and how does it climb?

    I am just waiting for the sram type 2 rear mechs to be released.


    Stevelol – When I started looking it was the only way I could find of converting my SRAM chainset to 1X. Its BB30 too so not mega easy to change cranks to something with a 104 BCB. Thinking of converting my 29er now but won’t bother with a spiderless chainring.

    Monogramman – Went for a 34T. Climbs fine around here although I did wonder how I would have got on at Cwmcarn. I just changed the rear mech to short cage. Seems to have a much stronger spring than the long cage.


    Ordered a spiderless chainring for my X9 cranks a while ago. And it only took 15 weeks to get here..!
    But it’s here! One day AFTER a long time planned trip to Cwmcarn…

    SAM_3333 by Kevaroo, on Flickr

    SAM_3330 by Kevaroo, on Flickr

    Weighed all the compoents as I took them off.
    Total weight loss was 385g. Losing the spider aswell as one chainring helped.
    I went for an LG1 Trail chain device that bumped the weight up a little but I’m well chuffed with the weight loss.

    First ride today and I’m converted. Didn’t miss the small ring and the bike is quiet in a noisy kind of way – no chain slap but noisier going over the guide wheel.

    Two comments:
    – Homebrewed are a bit economical with the truth. He told me it had shipped on 23rd Feb but there was no update on the tracking number he gave me. When I chased him 3 weeks later it magically appeared on the USPS tracking system as being shipped the day I chased it…
    – SRAM now appear to do their own 1×10 spider with a 104BCD. This is probably an easier and quicker way to go from SRAM 2×10 to 1×10, albeit with a slight weight penalty.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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