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    As a Brummie I'd have to say Balti and Indian sweets, Jamaican curry patties

    The thing I miss most about London is the Jamaican patties from Brixton market. Theres nothing even close up here


    On the Isle Of Man, chips, cheese and gravy is the local delicacy

    Had this bought for me to try in Canada a couple of times, they call it Poutine


    Homemade Wiltshire Ham, this mornings eggs and triple cooked chips.

    I worked in Rozzendale for a while

    local delicacies included:

    pie IN soup
    pie IN a barmcake
    Hollands pies
    black pudding

    so good to be back in civilisation now 😉

    funny about the fish cake thing. I work in Barnsley, where a "fishcake" is the funny little mashed potato patty, containing a hint of fish, and rolled in breadcrumbs; back in the land of the living, a "fishcake" is two slices of potato with a layer of fish in between, battered and deep fried. In Barnsley they call this a "fish scallop"

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)

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