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  • jon1973

    Whats your budget. You can get some really good new ones quite cheap now.


    Probably about £300-£400, preferably with a reasonable screen size.

    We recently had to do this. It’s hard to look past the Dell Outlet.

    For extra VFM look for a “scratch and dent” laptop – sounds bad but somebody will have scraped the lid or underside during assembly. It’s never on the screen. Apparently.

    Anyway, something with an i3, 4GB, windows 7 or 8, will see you good for a good few years.

    Also, as an aside, nearly all laptops are now “widescreen” so the screens seem wider, but not as much vertical info when browsing the web etc. Anyway, a 14″ widescreen seems wider than an older 16″ one. Something to bear in mind.

    I wouldnt buy an new laptop bigger than 15.6, but prefably 14″. Maybe that’s just me.

    #Edit – Dang forgot to say prices are plus VAT and delivery. But when you get to checkout delivery is free. Takes about 4 days.


    This is a newer version of one I’ve had for a couple of years now, and I’m very pleased with it.. I really don’t think you can go far wrong now with that budget. You seem to be able to get so much for your money now. I mainly just use it for surfing though. It would probably struggle with newer games, but ideal for me. It’s travelled with me on holiday (camping in a tent) extensively, and seems pretty robust.

    There are loads of options for that budget. I suppose if you go for a recon, you will get a faster, higher spec, but I don’t really have any experiance of that. Mine in win7, so I can’t vouch for win8.


    Our aged PC has died and I’m looking to replace it with a laptop ( maybe s/h or refurbished ) for home. Im not looking for some super fast games machine but what sort of spec I should be looking for ? Also are any manufacturers better than other.


    I’m considering one of these:

    Core i5 and a reasonable spec.
    Read a review that said it was a bit plasticy. but is that a issue?


    I got an acer aspire v3 571, from argos of all places, £400, i5 processor 6gb ram, very happy

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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