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  • Redundcncy bad news / good news or visa versa
  • I will start

    Bad News : The stress of me being made redundant gave my wife shingles
    Good News – I wasn’t at work any more so had time to take care of her.

    or perhaps

    Good News : Since being made redundant I spend more time on my bike and have lost 2 stone of fat.
    Bad News : I have 4 pairs of Levis in the wardrode that no longer fit properly.

    Premier Icon veedubba

    Ooh, um.

    Bad news: It’s my last day on Friday and I still haven’t found a job. And I apepar to be developing rage issues…
    Good news: I’ll be able to spend more time with the family/ bikes (;-)) until the end of May, when I HAVE TO HAVE A JOB.

    Hope the missus is getting better.

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    Bad news: I was made redundant in Dec
    Good news: I’m back in employment
    Bad news: It’s with the same company (in fact exact same boss/lab/job!) on a lower wage…
    Good news: While on my enforced sabbatical, I did loads of stuff I wouldn’t have had the chance to do otherwise. 🙂


    Good news: One of our team of 4 left just as they were about to look into out dep’t – upshot is the rest of us are safe for now

    Bad news: For him, he lost around £50k – For me, I have more work to do


    Good news – wife gets a pay off and was looking to move jobs anyway so it’s a forced funded decision now
    Bad news – she’s not got anything definately lined up and it’s a second time for her at the age of 32 🙁 she’s also not massively qualified or massively paid.

    Good News – I am riding a lot more
    Bad News – I can’t afford to repair my bike


    Good news – It gave me the push I needed to start my own company. I have more time and now work from home most days.

    Bad news – I’ve got to put up with a bunch of 2-5 year olds screaming the house down.

    Chuff – What are you doing?


    I supply and install audio visual equipment – home cinema’s, multi-room hi-fi, home automation etc and am in the middle of starting up a new venture too. See if you are interested?

    Premier Icon Richie_B

    Good news: Found a new job
    Bad news: Its 100 miles away (not easy with 2 kids under 3. Still its a job that looks as secure as any at the moment)

    Premier Icon watly_biker

    Made redundant at christmas
    Good news : More biking,lost 1 stone in weight, dropping/picking up kids up from school everyday instead of ‘afterschool club’ etc, investigating bike related jobs
    Bad news: Lots of boring jobs to do at home but still better than the job I had before! Time to go shopping but shouldn’t be spending.

    Good News – I have a telephone interview in 40 minutes
    Bad News – I have a throat infection and sound like a hoarse darlik


    start gargling WCA

    oh & good luck

    uplink – thanks. BTW your posting doesn’t fit the good new/bad news pattern 😉


    WCA redundancy
    good news: maybe I’ll get to see a schedule of the BBB very soon
    Bad news: He still hasn’t sold his car and buy something normal.


    Good News – 2nd week of redundancy, last week was awesome weather, doing lots more fun things, I don’t have to work with the w@nkers at my old job, I’m just about to start typing an unfair dismissal letter for lawyers approval.

    Bad News – I don’t have any work lined up yet, I might not have a case for unfair dismissal or it’ll cost me lots to pursue!


    Good News: Our company have implemented measures to save around 10% of the workforce from redundancy
    Bad News: we all have opted to take a 5% pay cut to support the business.

    Good News: Our part of the business is making very good money
    Bad News: it’s the other business areas that are doing the hemmoraging


    Juan – What schedule are you after? You just turn up either Friday night or Saturday morning. The fun starts at 10am Saturday with various formal events throughout the day such as the XC racing or Lake jump. When the formal events aren’t on you will still be able to do the lake jump or bike jousting with your mates, you just won’t be given points for it. The BBB is a laid back fun event.

    Premier Icon Del

    Bad news: I was made redundant in Dec
    Good news: I’m back in employment
    Bad news: It’s with the same company (in fact exact same boss/lab/job!) on a lower wage…

    i thought they weren’t allowed to rehire for basically the same job within 6 months of making someone redundant? let alone with a bloody pay cut. :-/


    Good news; I no longer have lots of plastering homers at weekends, so I can walk,ride and play with my kids a

    Bad news; The money was handy!

    Good news :
    – 2.5 months gardening leave that started mid Nov, kept the car and fuel card and spent January in France riding my bike and it cost me nowt to get there
    – forced me to move out of Basingstoke where I was working during the week and back up to MK where the better half lives
    – walked away with about of years worth of money due to V generous terms and 8 years service
    – I’ve ridden full time since then and should be in epic shape for transportugal at the beginning of June
    – start a new job in about 3 weeks
    – no corporate politics / powerpoint / bullsh!t for several months

    Bad news
    – killed my bike (frame snapped, out of warranty), but got 50% off a new frame from the nice people at Rocky Mountain
    – money in new job isn’t quite as good, but options look enticing and its a chance to move into renewable energy which should be a good move for the future.

    On the whole a positive experience, took about 3 months of not working for my brain to wake up properly. Actually looking forward to going back to work

    Bad news : I have a throat infection

    Good news – I am redundant so don’t have to talk to anyone

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