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  • Redbull foxhunt
  • lyrikal
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    Anyone going to the foxhunt this year? I didn’t get an entry but I’ll be there to spectate. Gee Atherton was really impressive last year and knowing the track, some of his passes were a lot more impressive than the gopro footage suggests.

    Loic Bruni has never raced the foxhunt before so I can’t wait to see how he copes and Colin Ross who has won it twice starting alongside them.

    I believe Rob Warner is riding too, so are any of you lot lucky enough to get an entry?

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    I have done it twice and that’s enough. The insistence by Redbull that all riders wear those bloody stupid outfits all weekend, plus the amount of goobers on track and the ease with which someone else can take you out means it’s really not enjoyable for me.

    I guess if you’re just showing up for a laugh and you’re content enough to sit on a freezing cold hill top all morning till the weather is good enough for the helicopter..then walk your bike down the track with 300 others then it’s fine.

    Or if you’re elite enough to assume you belong at the front of the line you’ll probably get some kind of race.

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    Have to say I don’t disagree with you. Was only half disappointed that I didn’t get an entry. I’m going, taking my bike and riding some of the natural stuff in the area then having a laugh watching.

    One of my mates is riding this weekend as a stag do so probably won’t be a wise weekend.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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