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  • compositepro

    The agency consists of a single person so I could be dealing with them in the future. I can’t tell if they’re a blagger or are actually quite well connected in the industry./quote]

    The term recruitment agency and blagger are always used in the same sentence, over 10 years of contract work have borne this out

    Apply direct stuff the so called guy thats on your side to place you in a company

    bosmann ruling springs to mind or im sure you could swing that if they did get arsey

    When i stopped working at a firm in sheff the agency found a replacement ,wanted their comission etc etc ,didnt stop the agency ringing the guy three weeks in and asking him if he would be interested in going to work in another role for another company,

    then theres The find us a candidate and we will give you a bonus thing?, i recall getting a mate in at a firm through the same agency i worked for when i asked where my finders fee was the agency said he wasn’t working for them , unfortunately he was sat right next to me on their payroll…complete shysters

    As for the exclusivity thing the agency tries to get this no matter!!! what they tell you take it with an ocean full of salt i recall a girl called sarah from huxley associates copying me in on every email with a client by mistake..the bare faced lies that girl told me down the phone were bordering on ..well i couldnt find the words at the time..

    Pretty sure these days you must confirm you wish for the agency to represent you in a named position otherwise it can be considered as canvassing

    Premier Icon Nipper99

    I would speak with the company to see if thet are accepting cvs from agencies if so go with the agency and if not ….

    From experience recruitment consultants are truly the scum of the earth -the last one i used sent an email to my work address (which my boss would see)on the basis that that would force my hand into taking a job he’d got lined up.

Viewing 2 posts - 41 through 42 (of 42 total)

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