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  • Recovery periods after weights sessions?
  • 5thElefant

    Monday / Wednesday / Friday is a typical split – Chest, Shoulders and Tris, Legs, Back and Bis for example.

    This actually gives you a week of rest for the main muscle groups you’re targeting.

    But… there’s all kinds of approaches. If you find you can’t get out of bed you’re doing too much.


    Up to recently I was doing split sets, 8-10 reps which I could do 3 days on/one off.
    Now changed to a session with all the basic exercises but with heavier weights and max 4 reps.

    What sort of recovery period is required for this type of routine? is 3 days enough (this is what I am doing at the moment) or would an extra day give better benefits?


    Hi Ian

    The rest period you state of 3 days is probably enough to enable recovery.

    I can’t emphasise enough the value of thorough post exercise stretching to help your muscles return to their pre-exercised length. You’ll also find that this eases delayed onset muscle soreness that you can experience after overload.


    an experienced training friend of mine suggested doing a really really light weight set after the main sets, carried out very slowly which apparently aids recovery.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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