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  • Recording data from a session on the turbo
  • gozarch

    I have a friend who’s decided to buy a turbo. She uses a Garmin Edge 200 on her bike, but this won’t pair with a speed/cadence sensor, so what’s the cheapest / easiest way of recording stats (speed and distance, really) from a turbo session?

    Given that only the high-end turbos have a head unit, I’m thinking she might be best off getting a cheap turbo as planned, selling the Edge 200 and buying a 500 and sensor.

    Am I missing something?


    you can buy sensors that work with bluetooth, so can pair to a smart phone (with strava or other) or some laptop/pc based software.

    I use Trainerroad (software) on my laptop with Garmin speed/cadence sensor, Garmin heart monitor and Garmin Ant+ USB. Trainerroad has most turbos mapped (to measure wattage) and the workouts make you work (!) and keep you mentally stimulated. The Garmin sensor and USB will set you back about £70 and Trainerroad costs $10 per month.


    As mentioned. You will need a sensor, but you don’t need a head unit. The cheapest method would be to buy an ANT+ speed/cadence sensor for about £25 (Bontrager one is nice) and an ANT+ USB stick for about £10. Plug into laptop and run TrainerRoad or the like. There is a calibration of speed vs power built into the software for most common turbos. You will not require heart rate if you are measuring power.

    The Edge 200 is a fine bike computer for its intended purpose. This is not its purpose.


    The cheapest ANT+ speed/cadence sensor is probably the Decathlon / B-Twin, £17. Plus you will need an ANT+ USB stick.
    For software, you can use Golden Cheetah, its free.

    Or there are a few smartphones with ANT+ built in, eg Samsung S4 or Sony Xperia.

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