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  • Record number of patches on a tube?
  • dannyh

    One for the cheapskates (and tubeless Luddites) like me.

    I’ve got nine on one of my spares and at least seven on two others.

    Can anyone beat this?

    BTW at what point does it impair the ‘performance’ of the tube itself? I’ve read somewhere about the loss of elasticity eventually making the tube unviable.


    9, thats nothing. Im well into my teens with one and have a couple that are 8, 10 and more.

    I cant recall ever throwing a tube away actually. I just enjoy patching them. Even snake bites get fixed. Ive got patches on patches.

    Im riding a 6 inch full sus bike for fun, so thinking about the “performance” of my innertube is a bit daft. They are inner tubes, not critical components in the space shuttle.

    Premier Icon fadda

    Blimey! Don’t think I’ve managed more than 4!

    Premier Icon granny_ring

    Think my best was 3 and then thought what the hell I’ll blow the budget and put a new tube in.

    13 was my record, but then I went tubeless and haven’t had any punctures since ( someone had to say it!)


    Carlphillips how dare you! 😉

    That was the elephant in the room.

    I just don’t trust my ability to install tubeless.


    0 is my best, and always will be! Can’t be arsed.


    Got to be mid teens I’d guess

    When most of them are pinches that’s 2 a time and sometimes when they’re a pinch at speed before I can come to a stop its pinched upto twice more making 6 holes before
    Don’t think I’ll forget getting a pinch and 2 more before I could stop, getting attacked by midges, realising the valve on my (old) spare tube was coming away from the tube, then releasing I only had 2 patches. Que splitting the patches into 3 and a load more midge bites while I set about waiting for the vulcanising solution to dry …

    I’m moving to tubeless now though, first stans which works well, save any splits in the tyre, now ghetto, I’ll see how well that goes down
    When its downhill/freeride tubes at £7-11 a pop you’ve a bit more incentive to keep on fixing them tbf

    Premier Icon Scapegoat

    I put fresh Stans into one of my tubeless tyres the other day and found over 30 healed punctures evident on the rear tyre. (about 18 months’ riding) Just sayin……


    just binned one with 14.
    As above, decided to splash out on a new one.

    I find it quite therapeutic in summer when sat in the garden. Wintertime, sat in the wind and rain in the middle of nowhere is quite another matter.


    I normally call it a day at around 10, haven’t bought a tube for over 6 years as I work as a mechanic, so collect all the cast-offs from the terminally lazy/mechanically inept.Loads of experience with fitting tubeless conversions as part of my job, hence my sticking to tubes 🙂

    when I used to cycle to school every day I had 30 something on one tyre. Less tyre than patch.

    You’re not doing it right until you’re patching your patches.


    To me there is something really satisfying about patching a tube.

    Perhaps its a desire to fix things, or make do with stuff, or a reluctance to give up.

    I never seem to have to do it on a ride, normally its when I check the bike over the night before I notice a soft/flat tyre.

    I probably get one puncture a month, or less, so a few more years spread across about 5 tubes should see them all up close to 20 odd patches.


    I’ve probably had 10 go in 2 years. £10 a year on tubes is barely negligable. Patching seems like fixing for fixings sake. I’d rather do something else!


    Takes no time, saves money and landfill.

    I have to LOL at folk moaning about the price of tubes in teh shop!


    There was a for sale ad on here recently where the seller had about a dozen tubes for sale at £25 with all but two carrying multiple patches. When On-one do tubes at £1.99 why would you?
    Repairing your own is one thing but paying for repaired tubes? No chance


    got 6 punctures in one ride a few years back 🙁 usually consign to the bin by the time double figure patches are reached & also enjoying the benefit of tubeless

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