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  • recon silver to 120mm ?
  • skeetsgb

    hi guys

    someone told me that i could extend my forks to 120mm ? is that true. and if so, is it easy to do so, will my frame/set up be okay with that and what benifits will it give me, if any !

    thanks in advance as per usual

    Premier Icon cloudnine

    20mm.. its a small spacer should be fine

    Not sure you can extend a recon? I thought only dual air forks (reba/revs/sid) have this feature?

    Sure some more knowledgable person will know more!

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    Happily managed to service my 100mm Tora 302 solo air over the hols and whilst at it removed 30mm of spacer. I can’t see the recon being any different. A simple plastic spacer, conveniently marked in 10mm increments so it could have given me 110, 120 0r 130mm options.
    Just found that to get a sensible working sag that running it about 15psi down from when it was 100mm works well for me.
    Still want to swap out for Reveleations, but meantime although almost 1kg too heavy the old Tora soldiers on and works better than I’d dare expect from a low end fork.

    Premier Icon thorlz

    I have just done this on my recon gold. As long as you have the air spring version of the forks it should be Ok

    Ok nice one, learn something new everyday! I never knew the same process could be used on the solo airs!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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