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  • Recommended a paint on flat roof product 🤟
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    Oh the thrills. So another day of heavy rain and another night with the rain dripping on my bed. Had the roofers out last time this happened a few weeks ago, they couldn’t find any specific issue with the felt, and I have been up and can’t see any splits/rips/lifted bits either, they said it must just be covered in tiny pin holes/worn out. They recommended overlaying it with new felt or poured rubber, but are booked up until summer.

    So we need a quick fix, there are loads of felt repair paints on the market but what will actually work? We need quite a bit of it, half the house is flat roof (but only half of that is old, the bit over the kitchen has been overlayed already)

    Cheers πŸ™‚

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    I used Cromapol. It’s horrible sticky stuff (write off whatever paintbrushes and clothes you use) but did the job for a year or so until I could replace the roof.

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    Be wary of doing it at this time of year – a bit of frost or snow can mean it freezes rather than sets then when it thaws again you get the sludge coming through where the leak was. (Absolutely not speaking from experience, honest.)

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    I use this on my flat roof & shed clout nails. Don’t apply below 5 degrees if memory serves…. It will last a couple of seasons but will move and crack after summer heat.

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    I’ve used this to fix a leaking flat roof, it worked brilliantly

    Can be put on in the rain, I pretty much poured it on and slopped it around with a brush.

    It worked so well I forgot to get the roof replaced in the summer and had to do it again the next winter where the other side of the flat roof started leaking!

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    I think all these roof fixing compounds are pretty similar. Quite cheap on Amazon..

    I used a broom type thing to spread it on which got binned afterwards.

    Just mix it up really thoroughly, all the rough thick thready bits will be at the bottom of the tub.

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    I’ve had good results from the stuff linked below as a “temporary” repair to a very leaky flat roof over our kitchen (it has lasted about two and a half years now without any further signs of leaking despite being in an area that normally has pooling water).

    As others have said it’s pretty horrible stuff but a disposable paint brush and set of very cheap gloves saw me through our application.

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    Cheers all! So basically they are pretty much all the same just get spreading. Will try and get another roofer round before I go for it

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    Ok not sure if that link will work. Isoflex liquid rubber. Superb. Cost me Β£250 worth to fix my leaky garage roof, covered the whole roof. Make sure you get the primer and dont wear any clothes you ever want to wear again

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    I’ve got an unopened tin of some sort of bituman sealent.
    I’m near Innerleithen/Glentress/Edinburgh if you want it?

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    nosedive – thoughts on using that isoflex and primer on a concrete bound asbestos roof (that cannot be removed – as its shared with my neighbour)

    edit Cementitious and Porous Surfaces (Concrete, Cement, Rendering,
    Asbestos Sheeting, etc.)
    Allow newly laid concrete to cure for at least 28 days before
    application. Remove any dust or dirt with a stiff bristle brush.
    Make sure any dusting has been thoroughly removed.
    On sound surfaces – Use a brush to apply one coat of Special
    On absorbent surfaces – 2 coats of Special Primer will be
    required, but ensure the first coat is diluted with 20% Isoflex
    Clean Up Fluid.
    It is important that Isoflex Liquid Rubber is not applied
    directly to porous surfaces to avoid polymer starvation.

    sounds like a job for summer

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    Cromapol or acrapol

    Check all the flashing and returns clean and sweep the roof and give it a go

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