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  • Recommendations for small hydration pack.
  • soobalias

    high sierra – gator

    most versatile pack i own.

    Premier Icon StuE

    Wingnut hyper 2.5

    Currently I have a Camelbak Mayhem which is great for 3hr+ rides especially in the winter when I take more kit / clothes but I'm now looking for a smaller pack for shorter local rides:
    2-3ltr of fluid, room for a pump, tube, multi- tool and a bungy / stuff pocket for a jacket. Wallet, and a cereal bar or 2.
    I've tried a Osprey Raptor 10 and liked it and was going to get a Raptor 6, or should I be considering something else?

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    I have a small Camelbak for sale, it's unused but without bladder. Not in girlie colours either. Let me check the model.

    Premier Icon binners

    Another vote for Lezyne


    the camelback chaos is pretty good, only a 1.5ltre bladder but has room for tools and food. Used it for 3 months of bike guiding in greece and served me well (and still is)

    Premier Icon Tiger6791

    Fruit Shoot and gaffer tape

    malc hales

    If your not worried about "bling" makes i bought a hydrapack from Tescos for my commute to work and its great, i use it all the time now that my more expensive pack has died! £15……….

    wiggle were doing smallish lezyne hydration packs with multi-tool and pump bundled in. Not bad value for the pack alone, let alone the bits it came with.

    EDIT: Here's the larger of the two.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    I got the small (2ltr) Lezyne one, because I wanted something for shortish rides.

    It's well made, fantastic value with the tool and pump included and a good size – but it does sit a bit higher on my back than I'd like.

    Not complaining in view of price though.

    I'm going to take a punt on the Lenyne one. The fact it comes with tools and pump means that I don't have to remember to tranfer them between packs 🙂

    Another vote for the Wingnut.

    Superb sacks.




    I use this with a 2ltr bladder which for me the is the perfect compromise between how much water I might need and it carries my phone and keys and the CO2 catridge valve and a chain split link too.

    The other stuff sits under my saddle in a small bag. It's the perfect combination as you don't carry too much sweaty weight high up on your back. I have a Mule, but never use it on 2-4hr rides. It only gets used on long 5+hrs rides.

    If you take a leaf out of the front runners at the likes of the Montane Kielder 100 etc, you have bottles, a small under saddle pack and the rest is in your rear pockets in your cycling top and maybe a couple of items strapped onto the bike's frame.


    I use a Camelbak Rogue

    2lt bladder and enough space for a tube, pump, tools, tyre levers, windproof smock, phone, couple of snacks, keys etc

    Premier Icon Tiger6791

    I have one of these

    And for the money I don't think you can beat it


    camelbak octane 8+

    Premier Icon simon1975

    Tesco, especially when on half price offer.


    shorter local rides:
    2-3ltr of fluid, room for a pump, tube, multi- tool and a bungy / stuff pocket for a jacket. Wallet, and a cereal bar or 2.

    Just thinking this through: pump attaches to the bike. Tube multi tool, CO2 cartridge, valve, split pins, 2x tyre levers, inner tube, and 1x bar + 1x gel all go in the small bag under the saddle; although really, how many rides under 2.5hrs do you actually requre feeding on?

    In a spare and empty water bottle on the frame I have either a waterproof or leave it empty and then wear the waterproof.

    This sees me all year 'round, inc' snowy winter 2-3hr rides.

    I personally think you're over-kitted, set yourself free of all this baggage you seem to think is important on what your OP states are

    shorter local rides


    Osprey packs are awesome so I think the small Raptor would be the way forward. Does the 10 not compress down?

    If it's a short ride I carry a Talon 4 belt pack with a bottle and pump on the bike. Snacks in hip pockets and holds windproof if you need it as well as tools lights etc. It's fine for cross country rides but not really for rocks stuff, bounces around too much.

    Wingnut also very good but probably bigger than your Raptor in total.


    Has anyone tried the Decathlon hydration packs?

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