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  • Recommendations for european trail riding holiday!!!!
  • Candodavid

    Ciclo Montana were great last month for a group of 5 of us, village location in Sierra Nevada.
    Hosts were excellent both for trail guide and cooking, swimming pool and veranda.
    Trails were fantastic, lots of switchbacks, fast rocks, rock chutes, improved my skills no end.
    Days in the saddle ranged from 10am start, to getting back at 7:30 in the evening.
    Excellent knowledge for lunch stops, didn’t hardly spend any euros at all.

    I will be going back again.


    Basque mtb – it’s a bit good, has set the bar very high for future hols.

    Plus the food & drink are pretty good


    looks great, how much per person did that work out at?

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Usual White Room vote, variety, food & Guiding with some friendly people


    We paid £395 each, group of less than 4 is £415 each.
    Cracking value for money


    we’re looking at going on hol, (alps, pyranees etc) in aug/sept and wondered if anyone could make any recommendations. We have been to morzine /les gets downhilling in the past but would like to try something more trail riding orientated.

    requirements are:
    uplifts / ski-lifts (fitness levels are ok some climbing is ok)
    epic singletrack descents
    somewhere half decent to chill, eat and drink
    either full time guiding or guiding availability for first couple of days

    Have considered organising our own chalet in chamonix or maybe off to spain with switch backs, but would really appreciate any first hand advice from people on here.


    Premier Icon jambalaya

    A lot of the popular companies are sold out, you’ll have more choice if you go in Sep but you need t check uplifts as lifts often shut

    I went with Trail Addiction to Destination X last year – excellent and recommended, out of the way stuff, cool very French village
    White Room I skied with (excellent) but when I looked in Feb they were largely sold out for biking already
    Rivera Bike – have heard very good things and ridden in the Surrey Hills with one of the co-owners delightful lady and fine rider – they’d be a good option for Sep I think

    Edit: Trail Addictions Dest-X promo video, pretty representative. We saw a handful of other riders all week. Riding definitely has the wow factor, a mixture of wonderful and ‘kin ‘ell I’d better not fall off here as its a bloody long way down


    Premier Icon Northwind

    I’m not sure if White Room have added their extra places to the uplift-season holidays, I think probably they have but worth checking to be sure as they are so damn good. Bike Verbier and Trailaddiction’s areches-beaufort setup got a look in for us this year too as they get equally legendary customer feedback.


    White room appear to be fully booked.

    Quite like the idea of spain. Who needs chairlifts if they offer an uplift service.

    Thanks for the idea’s keep them coming.

    only ever been to the Les Arcs with Trial Addiction. Thought it was amazing.

    Loads of singletrack with a day around the dh track and trails.

    Premier Icon chimpymcchimp

    Was going to recommend White Room, shame they are booked, they’re really good people.

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