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  • Recommendations for camper insurance and/or recovery?
  • bearGrease
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    Hi, I suspect my current insurance broker is taking the micky with their renewal quote. Who’s good for campervan insurance?

    I had bundled RAC recovery and had to use them for the first time last Winter and they were woeful so might go for separate recovery cover. Any tips for that?


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    I get insurance through the Caravan and Motorhome club (arranged by Devitts) and breakdown through The Camping club. This is pretty good as is Mayday (Caravan Club) as they will take you to your campsite to continue your holiday and bring you home afterwards if necessary.
    Hope this helps.

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    My father used the Caravan Club insurance and Green flag recovery for many years.

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    Don’t use Adrian Flux or Just Kampers (both the same outfit) particularly their rescue/recovery service – broke down and they were useless.

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    Safeguard (part of Swintons), recovery here and in Europe is included, and they are pretty good, (ask how I know!)

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    I’ve been with the Camping & Caravan Club insurance for years, admittedly with a caravan but they do campers too. Also got their Red Flag breakdown cover which covers my car, the caravan, and a 2nd car at a small extra cost. Cannot fault the breakdown cover at all when we needed it. We were in Norfolk on holiday when my car broke down. Provided us a hire car for 3 days as per policy, but then extended it to 5 days so we could drive ourselves home, and recovered the caravan to our home address.

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    Ours is through Comfort. Aviva are the underwriters.
    Brakedown cover is via Ford and comes free with their service plan.

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    I used Shield for the ten years I had a van. Easy to deal with, good price, and helpful staff. Fortunately never had to male a claim.


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    We use AutoAid for the breakdown cover as they insure us as people irrespective of the vehicle we are in which is much better value when we have 2 cars and a campervan.

    Fortunately we have never had to make a claim / call out so no idea what the actual service will be like, its sounds reasonable in the policy but there’s no better test than reality

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    I’ve been with Caravan Guard for 15 years. My premium has pretty much stayed the same over the whole time. I asked why it wasn’t going down & they told me that their premiums only go so low & I was already on the lowest one. Very easy to get hold of & there’s always a polite human on the other end of the phone. I’ve never had to use their services. UK recovery is included in my premium. European cover is available at no extra cost but you have to apply for this prior to travel.

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    Adrian Flux for insurance (premium has stayed the same or reduced over the last few years)!

    AA for breakdown (criminally expensive renewal letter is on the table until I can be bothered with the annual ‘I’m leaving’ conversation). Reason 1 is it covers my 3.5t campervan at just over 6 metres, Reason 2 is it ties in with a 3rd party company that sends out a horsebox if we can’t be repaired at the roadside (although we have let that cover lapse and just did a 600 mile round trip with the horse…so probably should have renewed it!)

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    Thanks for the tips all. I’ve just gone with Caravan and Motorhome club which was a fair bit cheaper than the renewal quote. Also added the campervan to the Green Flag recovery we already had for the car, again a fair bit cheaper.

    How do you know?

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    Double check the small print with any recovery cover if you have a van – they’ll say vans up to 3.5t quite clearly. Not so obviously stated is there’ll often be a length limit of just 5m or 5.5m, even on dedicated van policies, which  rules out most vans. They’ll happily take the premium though. Check through any documentation, especially if its a cover-the-driver policy  – you tend not to get details about exclusions until after you’ve bought the policy

    I ended up covering mine with Sterling insurance for breakdown – all the providers I’ve used previously have changed their terms and now rule my van out. I think possibly Green Flag are OK for vans too, size wise.

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    @bearGrease To answer your question, I’ve had cause to use the breakdown service a few times, the most recent being when my wife broke down, on her own in a 7m long van, 3 a.m., on the M27 about 10 miles from the ferry (!) on a bit with roadworks, hence no hard shoulder! They were excellent, recovered to our local dealer (250miles), then car to get home.
    I’ve had Caravan Club insurance in the past, from when we had a CL, also ok, though their prices went up; their Red Pennant breakdown is also good, but had to be arranged on a per-trip basis for outside the uk.* They did a year policy but it was eye-wateringly expensive. I wanted something that would let me pop over to France, for example, whenever I wanted to and know I was covered. I changed to Safeguard about 10 years ago and haven’t regretted it.

    *This may have changed by now.

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    We’re with Safeguard. Had to be rescued one night after a major mechanical on the A65.

    They just use local breakdown people. Very good service.

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