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  • Recommendations for bike carrier for 1 year old?
  • Premier Icon grum
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    I did try a search but couldn’t find much. Ideally I’d want to get it for use next week. Will be going on a Kona Jake gravel type bike. It seems a front carrier is the way to go.

    I’m in S Cumbria if anyone has one that’s surplus to requirements.

    Premier Icon mashr
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    Wee Ride (or similar from the likes of Thule) FTW! Front mounted is wwaayyy more fun for everyone involved

    Premier Icon flyingmonkeycorps
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    I have a Wee Ride and MiniMonkey has loved it from about when she turned one I think. But, I’m pretty sure it (and probably most front mounts) doesn’t work so well with drop bars, which I think the Jake is?

    Premier Icon damascus
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    When my lad was 1 I put him in a child carrier above the rear wheel with a harness on.

    From 18 months on I highly recommend a macride. I was hesitant due to the price but its been amazing. I can ride off road with him. I love it when he shouts “faster” or “hit the bumps”

    Premier Icon petefromearth
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    Front mounted is great

    I couldn’t get the yepp mini to fit any of my bikes, always clashed somewhere or too restricted steering.

    So I got a weeride instead which does fit my mountain bike, and is great fun but hard on the knees. Haven’t tried it with drop bars, I’m not sure the riding position would be as good?

    We’ve also got one of the hamax cheapo rear seats which to be honest has gotten more use as we find more practical for around town.

    For any of them, definitely check what age they can go on it, 1 year sounds a bit young. I think the concern is their neck strength while being jiggled around.

    Premier Icon slowol
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    I’ve only used rear mounted seats and had no real problems, although used on old hybrid type bikes or our kiddyback tandem.
    Had an Avenir one on a spring type that I bought new that was fine. It had a 5 point harness (not 3) which helps if you have need an escape artist. Polisport ones also look good for budget buys as Yepp and Hamax can be very pricey.
    I also got rack mounted Copilot (now Topeak) one for the tandem (very second hand) which was very solid and mounted directly onto a Blackburn MTN1 rack.
    Afraid I moved them all in a couple of years ago but definitely go for it. Makes even a bimble to the shops fun and regularly rocks them to sleep as you ride along.

    Premier Icon shedbrewed
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    I couldn’t get a front mounted seat (wee ride) to work well with my knees on the mtb and no chance on the drop bar bike. Tried two rides and the boy didn’t like being in the brunt of the wind and rain when it came. Trailer (Halfords) and then a yepp Seat on the back. Happy boy.



    Premier Icon trail_rat
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    Front mounted is wwaayyy more fun for everyone involved

    I didn’t find it fun. Knees out is not my idea of fun.

    Our little one loves her trailer. She’s been in it since 8months with the infant hammock and smoooooth roads – for a couple of km to the park. She’s. Now 15 months and has been happy enough up to 45 k provided we stop for a snack and a play at the park.

    I don’t think they are all that bothered where on the bike they sit so long as they can see , and they get jiggled about.

    It seems to be the parents that have the concept of where it’s most fun for them.

    Premier Icon stevious
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    My experience was any on-bike carrier was pretty sketchy on a drop-bar bike. Tried a weeride on the front but couldn’t pedal or steer. The hamax rear seat was ok once you’re up to speed, but at low speeds made the bike really unstable.

    Our setup ended being trailer from 9months -> 18 months (gravel or mtb) then hamax from 18 months -> 30 months (mtb only). We’re now on a shotgun seat (like a macride, but cheaper) and it’s by far my favourite. I wouldn’t put it on the gravel bike though.

    Premier Icon grum
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    OK thanks everyone. I didn’t even think about the drop bars but I can see the issue. I do have a hardtail I could use but it’s in storage at the mo and might be tricky to dig it out.

    Will see if I can get hold of a trailer maybe. He is actually about 13 months but he’s pretty chunky/strong and only thinking of going on gravel roads etc but obviously I don’t want to harm the wee guy!

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