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  • Recommendations for a Summer/2 season clipless shoe please
  • nickc
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    On the hunt for a goldilocks SPD shoe.

    What I really want is a pair of Giro Terraduro…but clearly should’ve horded them when I had the chance. Tried Spesh Recon, and they were OK-ish but for the price of them, too many issues to buy again.

    So, I want something between a racing disco-slipper and Enduro-rad made to look like a skate shoe. IE a Summer /2 season normal shoe with decent grip, decently stiff, but with walking ability, robust enough for long days in the hills, but not robust that they’ll overheat in spring/summer. I’ve got a pair of Shimano ME7 boots for autumn/shite weather, so no need for another pair of those.

    Budget is ~ £150.00

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    Leatt Clip 6.0 works for me.

    A bit over budget, but I’ve recently got some GE9’s

    Very happy with them – went half a size up (as that’s what was in stock) and fit perfectly


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    Given how much I’ve been wearing Winter boots since last summer…. your ME7’s. You know it’s bad when you have three pairs of Winter boots.

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    I went for a pair of Five Ten Kestrels as they were mega reduced and I’m happy with those. Nowhere near as clumpy as the older skate shoe style Freeriders etc.

    Still super cheap here but limited sizes now:


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    I really like the Adidas Five Ten shoes. Very comfortable, very breathable and dry out quickly.

    [stealth ad alert] I have a pair that I’ve hardly worn from last year when I dabbled with SPDs again after 4 years on flats. I prefer flats as it turns out.[/stealth ad alert]

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    Shimano ME7s for me at the moment. A bit more slippery under foot than I would ideally like, no matter what they claim. Good otherwise.

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    Five Ten Kestrel boa here, got them in the great Evans 5-10 fire sale for ~£40 quite nice and supportive for a skate style shoe, boa is better than laces for me. Terrible in the wet though, so the MW5 boots go on if it’s soggy out. 

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