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  • Recommend some SLX brake pads that'll send me over the bars
  • MoseyMTB

    Don.t chuck them in the bin! Sell them me!

    Premier Icon schmiken

    Are you bedding them in properly?


    Carry a big stick with you. Whenever you want to send yourself over the bars, simply jam in the front wheel.

    [/quote]Are you bedding them in properly?

    I've done all sorts, running sintered something or others now and they're shit.

    just ordered some discobrakes black bullshit marketing speak all singing all dancing compound pads.

    lets see.

    Weighty BluePig build, 100kg rider, SLX brakes with braided hoses and 203mm front XTR floating rotor, 180mm rear, tried a few different pads-none of which really give me the sort of over the bars massive power Im after.
    Not bothered on durability-just stopping power, any suggestions before I chuck em in the bin and buy some Hope M4's like I should have done in the first place.


    If not, i'd consider Saint Brakes too, honestly the most powerful on/off brakes i've ever touched, fantastic.

    If not, i'd consider Saint Brakes too, honestly the most powerful on/off brakes i've ever touched, fantastic.

    if I cant get the power out of the SLX's then I wont be touching Shimano for brakes again-been really disappointed so far, its back to Hopes or Gustav's


    I'm about 110kg and superstar/BBB pads stop me fine. I even got good results with my Avid BB7 with its stock pads. You must be doing something wrong 😕

    both brakes bled through with non-shimano LHM fluid numerous times-no air in system-lever firm. discs wiped with Xylene, pads never in contact with brake fluid, cant remember what pads but Sintered, bedded in by getting plenty of heat into them-disappointing so pads removed and lightly rubbed on 1500grit emery paper in case of glazing, no improvement.

    My last brakes were Magura Gustav's on a Brooklyn Racelink so not sure if Im expecting too much of the SLX's.


    I had M4's and they were dump compared to my SLX, I run 180mm ft 160mm back. I'm only a few KG lighter than yourself and they have plenty of stopping power for me. Also I don't have to fix them every ride like my old Hope's.

    I wouldn't say they are shite.. tho but maybe you need some bigger brakes ie the saints mentioned above


    Braking power is a function of piston surface area and friction not rotor size.
    Comparing the SLX to M4 or Gustav(2 active and the same size on the static side) 4 pot brakes is asking too much of them. You've got half the piston and pad surface creating half the friction and stopping power.
    A Saint will make a Gustav feel crap in comparison. But if you like Hopes, get a set of Tech M4 they're really nice brakes with power and modulation.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Try the Superstar kevlars maybe, excellent power, but SLX are strong brakes, or should be if bled right.


    some might call me a idiot here but.
    got a full set of s/star kevlar,s.
    put them on last night.did the dragons back today and there absolutely
    spot on.**** do they stop you.
    tried all kinds as well before these.
    heard they don,t last that long but hey who cares.
    only on juicy 5,s.


    that,s a bit weird northwind..
    you posted that as i typed mine 😕

    Premier Icon mttm

    Try the Superstar sintered. After much trialling of various pads to beef up the fairly lackluster performance of a set of XTR brakes, I popped in a pair of these and they literally transformed them. Huge improvements in bite and lever feel. This was some time ago, and they've been my standard pad ever since (they last well, too).

    Just an opinion, but I don't think you'll find stepping over to M4s actually improves your braking power (although they will look gorgeous).


    see if you can get hold of some Shimano super soft resin pads. I used a set on Saint m800 in Morzine a few years ago and while they only lasted a week, they were very powerful. I now use Superstar sintered in my SLX brake 205mm and they are great in wet weather but too hard in hot weather and they over heat. The SLX front is way more powerful than the saint m800 it replaced.

    If you want silly powerful brakes then buy Hope v2 with standard v2 floating rotors (not vented rotors), pads are about as big as the old C2 brakes and discs have a deep friction surface. Not that much more than a set of M4s. Mate has a set of V2s 200/180 and he has got nearly a year out of a set of hope organic pads with very good braking.

    Premier Icon MSP

    Use the EBC red downhill pads, they are excelent.


    If you are wanting power then you want organic, not sintered.

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