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  • Jezkidd

    Since the weather’s got rubbish i’Ve taken to the road bike. As many will have noted its now upgrade season: I like the frame so I think that’s in for a respray the next upgrade I guess is wheels. Problem is I have no real idea about roadie bits.

    So: what does the panel recommend, I’m 11.5/12 stone and don’t break things much, I’m looking for something a little bit lighter, probably around the 300 pound mark.



    RS80’s, over the budget or fulcrum 5’s for well under the budget.

    Premier Icon mboy

    I’m looking for something a little bit lighter


    VERY hard to make any recommendations at all without knowing what you’re riding already, where you’re riding, what kind of riding you do. Are you looking to ride big mountains, or do you want to ride faster on the flat? Shimano or Campag? Clincher or Tubular or Tubeless?

    You’ll need to help us to help you out a bit mate!


    +1 for RS80 c24’s or just get some hand built ones, novatec or dati on alpha 340 shouldn’t be too much more than £300


    +2 for RS80s, love mine.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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