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  • MrNutt

    just listening toGiant Sand proVISIONS, goes ok with a nice coffee

    Two of my current favourites, both of which are very good accompaniment on long solo road rides, are Magic Potion by the Black Keys, and Passover by the Black Angels.

    Black Keys are like the White Stripes but a bit dirtier, and the Black Angels do some good psycadelic wall of noise droney guitars with some thumping drums and great vocals.


    the Black Keys are a decaffinated blend when held up to the light next to the mightly JSBX

    Noted MrNutt, although I’d mentally labelled the JSBX as kinda dad-rock. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Care to recommend an album?

    And if they’re like a caffeinated version of the Black Keys then they should be pretty damn good (although lets not make any comparisons to the Black Keys latest, which is **** lame, stupid over produced nonsense)


    Now I Got Worry ~ Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (June 23, 1999)

    that should do for starters?

    Premier Icon Stranger

    Thanks for the ideas – I’ll check them out later, dad rock actually sounds OK to me, I might be able to dance to them!

    More suggestions?

    Premier Icon Stranger

    I’ve got plenty of listening time – what should I fill it with?
    I have no taste – apart from a dislike of R&B.

    Just don’t waste my time suggesting tunes I’ve already got ๐Ÿ˜€

    Thank you


    have a look here aurgasm
    ‘your favourite music you’ve never heard of’


    I am astonished that I neglected to mention “Land of Talk” they are very very very god indeed.

    Premier Icon Stranger

    “very very god”
    I normally find assertions like that a bit over the top, but I’ll give them a try.

    Any non-rock suggestions?

    If I said I liked Blood, the Franz Ferdinand remixes, would that help someone make a recommendation?


    Have no idea if this is your sort of thing but:

    Streaming goa trance


    Alabama 3 – no idea what label to give it, but it makes me smile. Turn it up loud. Zero 7 for some laid back stuff.


    I’m quite into Ladyhawk at the moment.

    Hmm, just picked up “Now I Got Worry”. I suppose you could call the Black Keys ‘decaff’ compared to this, if only because they play more slowly and the lead singer isn’t quite so, um, hyperactive. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Still think the black Keys edge it for raw, weighty blues tunes, wrenched out of tortured guitars and long nights on the bourbon and cigarettes etc etc…

    For a bit of rolling-stones-meets-oasis-meets-a-lot-of-drugs-and-ego, check out the Brian Jonestown Massacre “Take it from the Man”. Lots of people say these guys are over-rated, and they’re probably right, but people never mention this album, which i reckon is by far and away the best they’ve done.

    seamonsters – TWP


    Whathaveisaidnow – good choice!

    Try IAMX (ex Sneaker Pimps) or Postal Service

    Or go retro with Pop Will Eat Itself ‘Def Con One’ or Soup Dragons!

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    Some interesting suggestions there, thanks everybody.
    Any suggestions where I can get JSBX and Brian Jonestown Massacre from cheap on-line?


    The Two Gallant alt country/punkish.
    The Riverboat Gamblers, underneath the owl.
    Nick Cave, dig lazarus dig
    The Hold Steady, boys & girls in america.

    Premier Icon terrahawk

    Calexico – Feast of Wire
    Owt by the Futureheads or Rammstein

    Premier Icon nickc

    Son Lux: At War with Walls and Mazes.

    The Early Years: All Ones and Zeros

    Grouper: Dragging a Dead Deer up a Hill

    Bon Iver: Blood Bank

    All pretty much non-rock (apart from the early years)

    If you like any of those try also Passion Pit : Chunk of Change, their new album is out soon I think, guaranteed you’ll be hearing it all summer, you may as well be ahead of the curve.

    The Answer – great new rock band out of Oirland.
    The Four Horsemen – Just imagine ZZ Top, the Black Crowes, AC/DC and the Stones all out on the piss and you’re nearly there…!
    Oh, and for a total change, Copeland’s Appalachian Spring. Lovely.

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Uzual Suspectz – middle aged Manc muso’s – superb, check ’em out on itunes.

    Little Feat – . Music that sounds like a snake moves – funkier than James Brown’s wedding reception.
    Think Lowell may have had a smoke before these…….and we must NEVER allow those trousers to happen again.

    Premier Icon Stranger

    I went to see Little Feat years ago, must have been in the seventies, at the Apollo in Manchester I think. Top band!

    Premier Icon dawson

    +1 for Brian Jonestown Massacre.
    Have a look for ‘Dig’ its a documentary type film that shows what kind of person Anton Newcombe is.

    Also, Doves – manchester band – i’ve got the new album and its great!


    +2 for Brian Jonestown Massacre (and for Take It From the Man and also Satanic Majesties Second Request and Give it Back!.

    But AN was extremely insulted by Dig: he contends that it was edited to make him look like an asshole and bore little similarity to actual events. I’m inclined to believe him as he’s a nice guy – very chatty on myspace.

    Never really took to JSBX – for head-on blues’n’roll you’ve got to walk 47 miles of barbed wire to beat The Gun Club’s “The Fire of Love”; what followed was an evolving sound always heavy with the degenerate South. With a little swagger thrown in Tav Falco’s Panther Burns also mine that vein pretty well. But I digress as I’ve not listened to them in years.

    Julian Cope’s monthly ‘Address Druidon’ at Head Heritage usually throws up some interesting stuff (although I can’t support his choice of an imaginary Kiss compilation as album of the month – tho’ I guess it was 1 April and they are beloved by his missus).

    The reviews at Terrascope are usually pretty varied and interesting.

    My most recent purchase is ร†thenor’s “Faking Gold and Murder” but that’s not so much ‘good tunes’ as ‘disturbed Italian movie soundtrack’.

    And having said all that, The Earthling Society are well worth checking out for a variety of psych-inspired songs.




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