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  • Recommend my some Energy tabs please…..
  • Premier Icon LeeW

    Were the freebies any good? If so, buy them.


    high 5 zero..

    Were the freebies any good? If so, buy them.

    Seemed ok, thought id ask the STW massive advice.

    Maybe someone that uses them often, tried a few – kinda like my very own guinea pig.

    I will employ one when I win the Lottery…….

    Thanks LeeW for the advise 🙂


    Dont bother, Theyre shit !

    Eat proper snap and take on board some carbs when your riding,

    Premier Icon LeeW

    I like Zipvit – the cherry ones are pretty good, Elete water is good too as you could flavour it with squash. SIS, High5 and Nuun are all pretty much of a muchness – I just by what’s on offer/cheap when I need some.

    Edit: The High5 caffeine ones were pretty good for a short ride/blast.

    Another Edit: which ones did you have free?

    which ones did you have free?

    High 5 Zero.


    They contain zero energy BTW.
    Clue’s in the name 🙂


    Do you know the zero is because they contain zero calories? so not much use an energy drink.

    The only peer reviewed info I read on them convinced me not to bother.


    Only ever use water when MTB’n.

    But have been using tabs in my water bottle when on a road ride.

    Ran out of all I had (freebies) & now need replacements for upcoming charity events.

    Not looking to buy a truck load, maybe 20 ish.

    Thanks in advance,



    They also contain the artificial sweetener sorbitol – which has a laxative effect of dumping fluid into the intestine.
    So possibly 1 litre of water with a high five zero tab will dehydrate you more than a litre of plain water. Dunno the science to say for certain though.


    As others have said High5 Zero tabs are electrolyte only i.e. no energy.

    What sort of distance will you be doing?

    Anything over about 90 minutes cycling at a reasonable rate (25 miles+ say) will have you hitting the wall energy-wise. I would suggest High5 Energy Source 2:1 sachets are the most convenient and are available from Discount Supplements for £11.95 for a dozen. Citrus is the least sickly flavour.

    Mix 1 sachet in a 750ml bottle and aim to drink at least 500ml per hour. Strictly speaking you should also supplement with a couple of gels per hour or maybe some sort of solid carb food to your own taste.


    Nuun flat coke to drink (salt but no calories) and lucosade original glucose tablets when racing, has been my staple for the summer. When not racing, a cafe stop and cake is more welcome 😆 .

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    I use SIS tabs. I don’t drink enough when riding, and find their taste more palatable than pure water. But I’m also mindful that they don’t actually provide any energy and are expensive compared to water! But, I prefer to take my hydration and energy separately, hence use bars, gels sometimes, and proper food most of the time.

    Torq wrote an article recently about using tabs vs using a genuine energy drink which is worth a read – on their website. That said, I still use tabs in my camelbak, food for energy and occasionally a bottle of energy drink when circumstances dictate.


    High 5 Zero for me. Usually the Extreme (caffeine) ones.

    No energy but that’s what bars and gels are for if you need them. Gives more flexibility as most rides under 2-3 hours I’ll not need anything but hydration. Also the zero tabs are less likely to gunk up your Camelbak.

    Rogan Josh

    Make your bottles with boiling water in the morning, then drop half a snickers (if 500ml) or a full snickers (litre) and a pinch of salt in. Carbs, protein, fat, sugar and some salt for the sweat loss. By the time you have a drink you have a nice snickers flavoured drink.

    Edit: quick shake before drinking

    Premier Icon davieg

    How many of you put tabs in your camelback? It is something I have never done, but have a long distance ride coming up and would save carrying a separate bottle for electolytes.

    Snickers idea sounds particularly revolting ;-(

    Agree on the Carb’s separately / ‘proper food’ philosophy.

    SIS are good and currently 40% off @ Sports Pursuit.


    Interesting reading:

    Electrolyte Tablets

    I have used electrolyte tablets a lot in the past. SIS also use sorbitol / artificial sweeteners by the way, same as High 5.


    zipvit watermelon are great


    I couldn’t think of anything worse than drinking a warm chocoaltey drink with lumps of peanuts in !
    Sounds absolutely revolting ?

    What’s wrong with tapolina ? Half a lemon squeezed in and a lime, teaspoon of salt and two teaspoons of sugar,

    Home made flapjack ? Or for when your hanging out a mars bar ?

    For those that insist on wasting money on snake oil try ELITE


    Disappointed to see this image on that torq page though.

    At least they acknowledged that it was bollocks underneath. But it would nice if the emphasis was a bit more on the bollocks than the big graphic.


    Davieg – I use tabs in my camelbak. I also bought 200 Boots own brand baby sterilising tabs for about £2. Once a month I sterilise it all.

    High5 Zero Extreme here too. It may be all in my head, but I swear by the electrolytes and do not cramp up when I sip this regularly on a long ride.

    As for energy, I prefer solids, so malt loaf, banana slices, flapjack, cereal bars, energy bars. Solid food takes away that awful sicky feeling I get from an empty stomach that energy drinks just don’t.

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