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  • steve-g

    Hi Guys

    Christmas shopping with the missus and she has seen a slow cooker cook book with do's and don'ts and recipes in it.

    We recently got a slow cooker from Tescos for 10 pounds and we are really getting into it, so far we have just done basic things like chilli and casserole. The missus wanted to buy the aforementioned book and I said NO, I can get this info from the internet.

    We also have a 6 month old baby so the slow cooking of things to soften them up ready for the littleun is a factor.

    So here I am in need of your expertise in the world of Slow cooking.



    If you search on google for crockpot recipes, there seems to be far more of them than slow cooker recipes. Seems the yanks have been cooking like this for years. Top result on google with some tasty sounds food –

    One of my favourites is slow cooked home made curry with rice mixed in an hour or so before your ready to eat……mmmm might have to be my post ride feed for tomorrow 8)


    2 Lamb shanks, a load of chopped up root veg, a pint of vegetable stock, some tomato puree and off you go, yum 🙂


    I just had rissoto out of mine, the Mrs is a whiz with it. Just chuck stuff in a wait, but make sure it has enough liquid, eg. 250g arborio rice needs 3 LITRES of veg stock 😉

    Have fun 😛

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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