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  • bunnerscj

    I currently have a pair of Mavic 729 rims which I want to run tubeless with stans milk and strips. Now I have the same set up on another bike (same rims, tubeless set up) but am running dual ply maxxis minion tyres. Now these tyres are heavy, real heavy but are pretty much puncture proof (no flats in 2 years!)
    This time I want a lighter tyre, something that can be run at low pressure and not allow the wall to fail prematurely (heavy rider by the way), something that will seal wee and be suitable for all weather XC Trail riding in the UK.
    Would Maxxis or Kenda UST LUST tyres be a good choice-more importantly, will these fit on my 729’s, they are a mid weight tyre with reinforced walls but not so heavy as dual ply ?

    Any ideas, any suggestions ?

    ACX TLR 2.35s


    Big Betty 2.4 snakeskin. Works well tubeless and the carcass is unfeasibly huge yet weighs around 800g.


    I run Schwalbe Albert front & Fat Albert rear on one bike & Nobby Nics on another, love’m but switch NN of dual Albert set-up when they arrive.

    Conti verts 2.3mm. Great all round tyre.


    Geax Barro Mountain 26×2.3 TNT, great all rounder rolls and grips better than Nobby Nics

    Reinforced side walls too

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    Another vote for Conti Vert Pros here. (Not so good on Ice though)


    Conti Vert Pro’s UST are the worst tyre I have ever encountered. Seemingly great with low rolling resistance until a wet root, north shore or grass shows its head and then they break with no notice and no recovery. Dangerous. And they pinch puncture. I have used 2.35 LUST High Rollers, Ignitors and Swampthings since I ditched them and all have been very good.
    I’ve got regular 2.35 Swampies run ghetto on another bike and they are extremely good. I’ll be as fit as a butcher’s dog come the spring tyre change too!

    Premier Icon Daffy

    High Rollers are good for everything but thick mud and very wet grass.

    For ghetto tubeless, Kenda Nevegals aren’t a bad all rounder.

    But realistically, Bonty Mud-X is a superb, cheap, tubeless ready tyre so long as 2.0″ is your bag.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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