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  • zinaru

    the holy mountain

    by alejandro jodorowsky in 1973 (the year i was born)

    the best film ever made in the entire history of this or any universe. 90 minutes of the most amazing involved visual/mental trip ever.


    Station Agent + Whatever



    Zinaru, it’s all about conquering the mountains horizontally. Great film.

    Premier Icon onewheelgood

    only one vote for What’s Eating Gilbert Grape so far, so I’ll add another one. Just beautiful.
    And Winter’s Bone – not easy, but a fantastic film.


    wordnumb! exactly.

    zoom back camera…


    Has anyone suggestes Everything is Illuminated’ yet? One of my favourite films, probably mainly because it’s got the singer out of Gogol Bordello in a starring role.

    Takes itself a bit seriously in places, but it’s funny and heartwarming, and generally just nice to look at.


    if you like them loud and funny
    try Shoot em up


    I really like Freeze Frame. It’s with Lee Evans. I never realised he could do serious acting so well.

    Premier Icon kilo

    l.627 and 36 Quai des Orfèvres

    Been trying to remember 36 Quai des Orfèvres all day – two more pretty good french crime movies


    Just thought I’d bump this for the “looking for a film to watch of a friday night” crowd…

    Titan A.E. – Great sci-fi animation, big cast and some laugh out loud funny moments.

    +1 for Pluncett and Macleane, I need to watch this again as it’s been years. Alam Cummings at his best plus excellent use of contemporary cockney slang in a period drama and the ball scene is ace (soundtrack by Rob Dougan).

    Joan of Arc – for John Malkovich being as crazy as usual 😀

    Benny and Joon – more johnny depp being epic

    Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter – you just have to, right? (only unusual, recent film I think of right now)

    edit: and
    Secondhand Lions – very easy to watch but also very moving, lovely.


    Abraham Lincoln – Vampire Hunter could have been amazing. But they cocked it up. It was too serious or not serious enough. They should have got whoever did the Dawn of The Dead remake to do it.

    I’m going to say

    Harrison Bergeron


    Robinson in Space

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Wait a minute… Is this a STW film thread where nobody’s recommended Garden State?

    Premier Icon Sanny

    Late Night Shopping – a bit of a gem.
    That Sinking Feeling – Bill Forsyth’s first film. genius!
    Comfort and Joy – another Bill Forsyth starring Bill Paterson. It’s a film I always return too.
    Tell no one – a brilliant, taut thriller that proves the French know how to make truly great films.
    Leon – Luc Besson at the top of his game.
    Dazed and Confused – it’s funny how much of a spot the star film it has become but it’s a great film that is well worth a watch.
    Singles – hip comedy from when Grunge ruled. Not seen it for years. Hmmm. Need to watch it again soon.


    Just bookmarking the thread. 🙂


    The aforementioned Once were warriors is a classic along with the follow up, What becomes of the broken hearted

    Boondock Saints is brill as is

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Sanny – Member

    Singles – hip comedy from when Grunge ruled. Not seen it for years. Hmmm. Need to watch it again soon.

    So good, that. I’ve genuinely used Singles chatup lines. “I was just nowhere near your neigbbourhood…”

    Premier Icon maccruiskeen

    Robinson in Space

    The film the preceded it ‘London’ seems so perfectly relevant just now. The bit when the gate posts to vauxhall park are stunned into silence by the reelection of john major is an amazing little film moment. One of my favorite bits of film ever. You can get the two together on DVD. Robison in ruins is good too, although you really feel the absence of Paul Scofields voice.

    My reccomendations:’Harold and Maude’. About a relationship between a hen pecked teenage boy who repeated fakes his own suicide in ever more convincing and elaborate fashions and a 79 year old woman who gate crashes strangers funerals and then steals their cars.

    ‘Adaptation’ set during the making of ‘being john malcovich’ the films writer is struggling to adapt a novel into a screenplay and as he does so his life turns into the holywood version of the story that he’s trying to avoid writing. Most disorientating its a good film with Nicholas cage in it.

    For feature length documentary ‘the act of killing’ simultaneously jaw droppingly horrifying and dizzingly surreal. Like the mighty boosh turning up in the middle of a war crimes tribunal.
    ‘Hell and back again’ properly good observational documentary, every frame a perfect photograph.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    A few (most likely covered already) from my last long haul flight
    Submarine – no actual Submarines but still great
    Man On Wire


    Watched Office Space and Riding Giants last night based on this thread. Top night’s entertainment.

    Some recommendations- Fitzcarraldo, the “Sunset” trilogy dir by R Linklater, Seven Samurai, Ghost Dog.


    Has anyone said “intouchables” watched it last night, very good.

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    Kick Ass

    If you aren’t too bothered by violence and humour mixed together.

    It made me laugh, it made me (almost) cry, if made me laugh again.

    It made me go ” Yehhh” when the baddie got zapped.



    Premier Icon colp

    Life is Beautiful


    Big Wednesday.
    It’s just nice.

    Life is beautiful is fantastic

    Try Jesus of Montreal

    Great light family entertainment with a serious side: Son of Rambow


    Oldboy turned up in Netflix recommendations, WTF aside, good film.


    Mullholland Drive
    The Big Lebowski

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    Moon, nice twist to it.


    Andrei Rublev By Tarkovsky
    Stalker by Tarkovsky
    Werckmeister Harmonies by Bela Tarr

    and possibly the greatest of them all:

    Satantango by Bela Tarr


    How about a couple of classics from Down Under?
    The Castle – so quotable.
    Two Hands – the fella out of Batman
    Both great.

    “Fear Of A Black Hat” superb rap version of Spinal Tap. Following the group NWH and it’s three members Ice Cold, Tasty Taste and Tone Def. I don’t know anyone who’s even heard of it. A classic.


    CS, I own a copy… was introduced to it years ago by a m8, I like it a lot but it might not be to everyone taste or humor 😈

    Ice Cold: Right, but see actually that shit was supposed to be NWH – Fear of a Black Hat, then subtitled “Don’t Shoot Until You See the Whites.”
    Nina Blackburn: Of their eyes?
    Ice Cold: Who’s eyes?
    Nina Blackburn: Don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes.
    Ice Cold: Nah, don’t shoot until you see the whites, period. That’s it, end of story..

    Actually a pretty damn good film recommendation for this thread.


    For those who like ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape’, an early Lassa Hallstrom film called

    ‘My Life as a Dog’

    Keeping the Swedish theme, two Lukas Moodysson films:


    A film which I watched when I was younger and which had an impact on me:




    Not a wildlife film, by the way. Brilliant Gus Van Sant film about a high school shooting.

    Premier Icon langylad

    Have to say Life is Beautiful makes me cry every time i watch it, superb. Another Italian film I loved was Il Postino.
    Probably seen by most but Memento and The Machinist are thought provoking and very watchable, plus I’m a big Ian McKewan fan and I thought Atonement was a great film.

    Premier Icon colp

    This is a great thread, very useful.

    To counterbalance all of the fantastic films mentioned, Flubber, as bad as all of the above added together are good.


    the holy mountain

    by alejandro jodorowsky in 1973 (the year i was born)

    the best film ever made in the entire history of this or any universe. 90 minutes of the most amazing involved visual/mental trip ever.

    Oh wow. They really weren’t messing about when they made this.. erm.. piece. Utterly bonkers.

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Well, this has turned out well, hasn’t it? 😀
    I’ve really enjoyed some of the stuff suggested so far.

    A few more:

    Show Me Love – just by describing it as a Swedish lesbian teenage love story, I’m setting it up to fail. 🙂
    Think ‘Gregory’s Girl’, but with two girls. It’s ace. A really lovely, moving film.

    Breaker Morant – Edward Woodward, the Boer War and a particularly ambiguous episode of British colonial nonsense. Superb.
    Shoot straight, you bastards.

    Wings Of Desire – Wim Wenders most accessible film:
    Angels, Peter Falk, Nick Cave & Berlin at it’s most amazing.

    Two Lane Blacktop – best road movie ever?
    A 55 Chevy out acts Dennis Wilson and James Taylor.

    La Règle Du Jeu – French pre war country house drama – Jean Renoir manages to define an entire nation in an hour and a half.

    Premier Icon 10

    The Castle – so quotable.

    How’s the serenity?


    The Thin Red Line. Because it’s a haunting existential examination of the nature of man’s conflict within the context of nature, humanity, hierarchy and survival.

    I can’t shake it from first place on my list of all time greats, this film moved me in a way that only music usually does.


    We were soldiers – based on the true story of a war photographer and the fledgling US Air Cavalry in one of their first battles.


    Taxi, le cage aux folles, La Haine, In Bruges, Stranger than Fiction, Grosse Point Blank

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