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  • Recommend me some…..paint brushes!
  • The living room is having a pre-Christmas sprucing up (< see what I did there?). New curtains, rug, blinds and colour scheme.

    I want to make the paintwork aspect as free of frustration as possible and want some good quality, no-loss paint brushes.
    So please recommend the sizes I should get and a good make.

    Thanking you.


    The best: Hamilton.

    Purdy, which are in fact the best. Size depends upon skill, I only really use a 3″ for woodwork unless it’s really awkward or intricate. Same for cutting in emulsion. I’d recommend a 2″ and a 1″ for a DIY’er though

    Thanks so far.


    +1 for Purdy, been using an XL Dale for the majority of my living room and I’ve been impressed!

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    purdy, if only for the old fashioned boxes.


    I got an email off Trade 1st this week with some good offers on Hamilton and Purdy brushes…



    Instead of wasting time going around trying to buy those magical brushes, take my advice and go along to the nearest Dulux Decorator Centre. There you will find friendly, helpful and experienced staff, a range of equipment for your budget, much better quality paint than you can buy retail and a 10% discount if you get one of their loyalty cards.

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    Purdy +1 there, even in the USA.

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    Purdy yet again, get them online and there are some deals to be had.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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