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  • Traditional UST tyres were thicker to resist punctures, but heavier as a result.

    Newer “tubeless ready” ones are the same-ish weight as stnadard tyres, but with the UST-like bead so they seal without a tube. Sealant is what plugs holes when they get pierced – you can probably do without it, but the self sealing puncture side of things is invaluable, so it makes sense to use it.

    2.1 is smallish by AM standards, all the cool kids are 2.35 nowadays – I like Schwalbe Hans Dampf but that’s possibly the burly end of what you’re after – Nobby Nic might suit, or Continental Rubber Queen/Mountain king (personally would avoid Continental), or Maxxis LUST Crossmark rear/High Roller front combo.


    I’d go for an onza ibex front and canis rear I know people who are running these tubeless without a problem and they offer great grip and the canis is really fast rolling

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    Right, I’ve been away from MTBs for a few years but really getting back into it now. Bit confused with the huge choice of tyre on the market!

    I have UST rims and like the idea of tubeless tyres. I ride a 140mm Cannondale Prophet in mostly dry conditions – Berkshire Downs so a bit of flint and thorns. I’ll also be riding at Swinley in the future. Style is AM – I do ride DH fast (used to race…) but like to climb as well.

    Can someone recommend a 2.1 profile 26″ tyre that is fairly light, durable, fast rolling – and compatible with my rims! Ideally about £30/tyre but will pay more if needed.

    Oh, and do I really need sealant? If so, which one?

    Please excuse all the ‘newbie’ questions – despite the fact that I started riding MTBs 20 years ago!

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    Spesh Purgatory 2bliss would be another decent option.


    Specialized Purgatory Control 2bliss 2.3″ front
    Specialized The Captain Control 2.bliss 2.2″ rear

    Running this combo for about 4 months tubeless with Stans fluid – been really impressed. Roll fast, grip well and £30 each.


    Will the Specialized bliss tyres be okay on normal rims or are the designed for ust rims only?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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