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  • Recommend me some skinwall road tyres
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    There are probably longer lasting tyres (changed my rear after about 1600 miles) but I’ve been very happy with my Vittoria Corsa G+ in 25mm flavour.

    CRC and Probikekit have them on budget in 28’s


    Panaracer Pasela, about £20 each. They are not exactly lightweight, but fairly puncture proof, and last a while.

    Premier Icon mrblobby

    New Vittoria Corsa Control…

    Maybe a bit over budget though 🙂

    If I could persuade you a little over budget, Challenge Strada Bianca Pro can be found for around £45 a tyre.

    While they’re an utter arse to fit first time around, they are wonderfully supple, fast and grippy. They’re an open tub design, which gives you much of the benefit of a tub, with the ease of a clincher. You might be able to find their Roubaix Pro at a similar price.

    If not, Vittoria. Great tyres.


    Seconded G+ in 25c. On my cxp33s they come up like a 28. Hard to keep clean though.

    Premier Icon captaindanger

    For general riding on the road, in all weathers. Thinking 28 and going on open pro rims. Under £40 each.



    Ive done a couple of thousand miles on 25c corsa G+ and been great, grip well in all weather and fast rolling, only two punctures but that was when the rear tyre was nearly worn out.

    Just specced some clement strada lgg 28c on my new build, look cool and get great reviews

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    Panaracer gravelking, the non SK version

    Premier Icon StefMcDef

    Vittoria Corsa G+ are decent. Comfortable, confidence-inspiring grip on cornering, look good and sound good, with a nice adhesive hum off them on most road surfaces. 1 puncture on the road in 1500 miles, 1 puncture on “gravel” after about 2 minutes. Been running them with latex tubes. Not sure if that’s contributed to the lack of punctures or if I’ve just been lucky.

    I got them from Pro Bike Kit a while back and I think it was some kind of 2 for 1 deal for about 70 quid.


    Expensive but Corsa G+ provides fantastic grip.

    Premier Icon jimfrandisco

    Sorry for the slight hi-jack, but does anyone have any experience of the Vittoria Corsa G+ Vs a Compass tyre?
    Compass get rave reviews, but wonder if the extra cash is justified?


    I use corsa tubulars, not sure if they are the same as the clinchers but they’re not really gum wall, more yellow compared to veloflex etc (if that matters).

    Hard work to keep clean on alu rims over winter!


    Clement Strada LGG – in budget, gumwall-coloured rubber (easy to clean), decent in all weathers.

    Corsa G+ aren’t an all-weather tyre, in as much as they appear to attract every speck of glass/flint/sharp grit if the ground is even slightly damp. 100% puncture guarantee, in my experience.

    Wet grip (when inflated) is great, though.


    +1 for Corsas, though my 28’s don’t appear much bigger than 25mm corsas my mate uses. Also looks at the challenge Paris-Roubaix, very nice and on offer at Tweeks at the moment –

    plus one

    These ride nice ..


    Jimfrandisco I use Compass Barlow Pass on the winter bike, and Vittoria Corsa+ on the summer bike. The Corsa+’s feel a very different tyre in the sense that they feel zippy, whereas the Barlow Pass feel smooth. I’m sure a lot of it is down to the size difference, and I’d like to try a Compass in a smaller size out of curiosity.
    The Corsa+ wear faster but the grip is superb. They are also harder to keep clean in the same way the Challenges are. Despite sealing the sidewalls with McNett.
    Whichever you go for, fit latex tubes.

    Premier Icon captaindanger

    Thanks for the input everyone, given quite a few recommendations I have gone with the corsa G+, theough I do like the look of the Clements. I was put initially off Vittoria due to once owning some rubino pros which are lethal in the wet.


    I’ve done about 1500 miles on 650b x 38 Compass Loup Loup Pass tyres and like them a lot. Run at about 45psi they have a fast, supple and comfortable ride – with lots of grip. The rear tyre is just starting to show a little wear but there’s still a lot left in it.
    If you can fit a larger tyre then I’d recommend the Compass range, when these wear out I’ll probably get some mid 40s versions mostly for a slightly taller gear as I’m running 44/30 chainrings.

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