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    Funnily enough i’ve just built up the same and was considering putting these on, easton ea90 rt might be pushing the budget, but look a bargain. Tell me they’re no good so I don’t have to buy them

    What are your goals?

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    What are your goals?

    Spending £320

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    I have a budget of £320 and would obviously like the moon on a stick – strong, light, fast, cheap etc.

    Whatever is best bang for my buck really, but strength will be important as I’m 100 kgs

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    Hello everyone

    I’m looking to get a wheelset for my new roadbike (Scott CR1 Pro)with 105 groupset.

    Any recommendations for a budget of £320 maybe aimed at the heavier rider

    Considering Mavic Cosmic Elites, but would appreciate any knowledge that’s out there.

    Many thanks

    What are the current wheels?


    Shimano RS80s

    Bang on budget, light, stiff, reliable… I’ve not ridden them but I’ve had the wheelsets either side and you can’t fault Shimano.


    Hope pro 3 mono on mavic open pro/sapin cx spokes , either direct from hope or search for an offer.

    Bomb proof and louder than a hornets nest.

    Fantastic british quality

    Novatech/Sokin/MrRide hubs, stans alpha rims and your choice of comp or rev spokes, under budget, tubeless, rebuildable, and with enough change to buy some Ti KCNC skewers.

    I’m 95kg and so far they’ve been good for me.

    Only -ve is the rim wear indicator is pretty shallow. Not a worry if you just use them on dry days, but apparently they can go quite quickly in winter.

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    Discuss with Wheelsmith

    that’s exactly what I’m doing when he is open tomorrow 😆

    and this linky works


    How heavy are you? What kind of riding do you do. I’d look at some handbuilts if you think you’ll be hard on the wheels but otherwise I really rate my RS80. They are round, go round and don’t weigh much.

    Not really any point in getting light weight wheels if you weigh 100kg.

    Get some that are stiff and strong and long lasting.

    Hope hubs, 32 spokes, archetype or velocity rims. These might be over budget, if so, get some cheaper hubs like Ambrosio or similar.


    Have a look at Campagnolo Zonda wheels, I don’t see them recommended enough on here.
    Stiff , light and fast rolling wheelset , mate of mine has a pair of Zondas and they are very very nice.
    I rock a pair of handbuilds ( DT Swiss 240s hubs/Mavic CXP33 rims /DT Revolution spokes) and will gladly have a pair of Zondas.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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