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  • Recommend me some lock on grips?
  • MoseyMTB
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    Been looking at getting some lock ons for a while now but dont know which ones to go for?

    Seen the DMr loccd and the Specialized xc’s.

    Anyone got any idea’s?

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    I have had a pair of Syncros ones. Firm, yet comfortable. Chipper!

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    orange strange grips, perfect if you ask me.

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    I’m using Oury lockons and I like them. Though they fit my big shovels-for-hands – if you ar emore petite then they may not be what you’r after.

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    love the Bontrager ones

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    I’ve got a set of Massi soft lock on grips, couldn’t tell you the name, I’m running them on the DH bike and they’re bril! Or you could be a brand whore and get the Odi lock on ones, they’re good too, but I prefer mine.

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    I’ve got a set of Yeti ODI lock ons and they’re fantastic. The writing on them is made of really soft rubber, and if you ride bare handed it gives you really good purchase.

    When i worked in a shop sellinbg specialized the single bolt lock-ons were the bane of my life, they would shift really easily, so you’d tighten them little by little until hey presto! the bolt stripped. Pain in the yikes…

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    ODI Rogues, here, but, lets be honest, grips , like saddles, are VERY personal things and what suits one doesn’t suit all.

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    I’ve used Ourys for a while, but last year tried the Ergons on different bikes. Bottom line is they work for me on the Roadrat, but not the others. I’m about to try Lizard Skins Chargers (should be here tomorrow).

    I’ll still have 2 bikes on Ourys tho.

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    Just bought some of these & being nice & thick they seem good.
    Tried ODI CrossTrainers once but couldn’t get on with them. Too thin.

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    the specialized ones are good for the money – trouble is for me the xc ones were too slim the rocca’s were too narrow

    I’ve on Charge sponges at the moment and they are about perfect for me :)

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    gone for some limited edition odi ruffians off wiggle with bonus pack only 12 quid so i thought i’d give em a try.

    Anyone used them?

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    Agree with MrNutt – Orange strange

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    I asked this question only last week so check my prev posts for some more answers if this thread ends up a bit thin, I went for the ones made by Raleigh or at least distributed by them named ‘outbound’

    They are nice and comfy and give me more confidence as they dont budge at all and look pretty good too, they’re very similar to the ruffians

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