Recommend me some disc brakes

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  • Recommend me some disc brakes
  • After a set of stoppers for a new bike, for xc and messing around on ( i will not say hardcore hardtail i just cant do it) got 08 XTs on the full suss but fed up with sticking pistons and find them slightly underpowered.

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    formula k24's….


    not sure these would fit 😉

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    I'm surprised about your XT normally they're ultra reliable brakes. TBH it doesn't matter which ones you choose, they're all more or less the same on power, I'd say what ever your price point is you'll probably end up with decent ones.

    Pick a colour you like?

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    Current XT all the way

    Elixirs, CR's if you can stretch to it.

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    I'm surprised you don't like the XTs too, best all-rounder I've tried – and very powerful.

    SLX are very nearly as good too, amazing performance with 203mm discs on my very heavy Big Hit in the Alps the other week.


    08/09 XT's, good here too, better than similar priced brakes I own


    one of the reasons i like shimano brakes is that they use mineral oil, which is a lubricant, and i've never had a problem with stuck pistons.
    Dot fluid is hydro-phobic/phillic..?… sticky.

    i've got 4 bikes worth of Avid/Hayes/hope/hope brakes left gathering dust, no amount of tlc will keep the pistons free-moving, but i've never had a single problem on my ever-growing fleet of shimano brakes.

    my commuter is going shimano next pay-day, and that'll be ANOTHER set of siezed hayes being abandoned.

    SLX are my current favourites, i'm stunned by how cheap they are. Powerfull, but not grabby, very controlable.

    are your XT's the older 4-pots? my best guess is that there are more gaps for grit to get stuck in…?

    If thats the case, dont suppose you have any G2 rotors spare? 😉

    Hope all the way. I've got ancient C2s never seized,or let me down despite using regular dot brake fluid. A riding buddy has just flogged his XTR brakes and replaced them with Hopes.
    Also,Hope after sales care is legendary. Ask anybody that was saved by them at the Mega.

    Hope. Mine get an annual service and never let me down. Clean and lube pistons, new pads bleed thru. You need to change dot fluid every year or so.


    I'd say get your XTs professionally looked at- all the ones I've used have felt wonderful, and would say they're probably the best brakes out there now.

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