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  • I’ve worn out the rims on my Specialized Tricross.
    I was going to replace like for like so I could reuse the spokes, and I know the tyres seal well tubeless.
    However, it looks like Alex ACE 19 rims are no longer available.

    Any recommendations for a 700c cross rim with a 599mm ERD, a braking surface, and suitable for a 35mm Small Block 8 ?
    Strength is more important than weight to me.

    Oh yeah, 32 hole.

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    I know of someone that uses a set of these for CX – and they are 599 ERD (he uses 24 spokes though 😯 )

    or these for added strength (600 ERD)

    The TK 540 looks the better choice of those two as the RR 440 isn’t recommended for CX use.
    They’re around £55 though. As I wore the current rims out in about 4 months, I’m thinking maybe I should consider rims a disposable item and just buy the cheapest ones that will do the job for commuting and maybe buy a second set of complete wheels for Sunday best.


    This is why you should switch to discs 🙂


    As an alternative, cheaper rims with new spokes? Halo Aerorage rims can be got for £25 though the erd is 588 or so. They’ve lasted well for me.

    Interestingly I found SB8s rather porous for tubeless. Interesting that they’re working for you.

    Those Aerorage rims look more like a lightweight road rim.
    New spokes would add about £12 per wheel, so I suppose that’s one option if the rims are cheap enough, although I think I’d rather spend the money on stronger rims and reuse the spokes.


    Deleted due to talking rubbish

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    Open Pro?
    H Plus Son Archetype?


    Those Aerorage rims look more like a lightweight
    road rim.

    They survived me riding offroad on them and I’m a good bit heavier than you…

    Any opinion on Mavic A319 at £27 ?

    601mm ERD, so that’s only 1mm per spoke, which should be near enough.
    They are about 4mm wider though. All brake mountings are the same though aren’t they ? All I need to do is adjust the brakes to suit ?

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