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    Just got a player and have, The Bank Job, Batman – Dark Knight and There will be Blood

    I’m looking for films that really make use of Blu-Ray, so no crappy transfers.

    I like British films such as Love,Honour & Obey, Lock, stock, etc. Also like good horrors & thrillers.

    Looking for suggestions to rent / buy


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    Ratatouille works very well on bluray. Admittedly, not in your list of genres but very nice on bluray.


    for pure visuals rent speedracer, but dont buy unless you can find it for about £3
    2001 is supposed to look great too


    Blade Runner is reputed to be an excellent transfer – not seen it myself though. And Wall-E.


    Blade Runner Blu-ray is good transfer(big BR fan), but its obviously quite a gritty/smokey film to watch on Blu-Ray.

    For visuals, Transformers, Ratatouille, Casino Royal are all excellent on Blu Ray.

    Sorry not watched any from your preferred viewing list yet.

    Lovefilms are doing a number of offers for free rental at the mo, I found a 3 month free rental offer just after xmas, so its worth goggling for a offer code.


    Transformers and Wall-E look geat, wouldnt think films like lock stock mske the best use of hd capabilities anywho.

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    Don’t bother, just pay less for dvd’s & let the upscaling do its thing.
    IME you just end up critiquing the picture & forget about the film itself.
    Blu-ray is akin to being an audiophile & buying <insert latest bit of audio kit here> because its reputed to be the best.
    At what point do you stop watching/listening to the equipment, & start to enjoy what you have put on for what it is?

    All IMO obviously, and I do have a decent telly & a BR player.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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