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  • agent007

    I’ve been on an annual policy with Snowcard the last few years and whilst their cover seems good, the price seems to have increased hugely in recent years making me think twice this year.

    Need something to cover me for off piste Snowboarding, Kitesurfing, MTB and Alpine Mountaineering around the world including reasonable cover for expensive kit.

    Most boggo annual policies won’t cover anything risky, and most winter sports policies won’t cover you if you go off-piste so can anyone recommend someone good?

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    BMC Insurance. Been a while so unsure on costs but cover is very comprehensive.

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    Perkins Slade travel insurance. That’s who I use – and they run block insurance for BMC, BCU (kayaking), the kitesurfing NGB etc so will cover all the sports you mention.

    Not sure on off piste skiing though – i don’t ski so not something I could comment on sure a phone call would sort it though. You can normally bolt on extra sports or higher risk activities within a covered sport.


    I was with BMC for years, but last year they loaded the “snowboard” option with a 100% policy increase, supposedly due to the increased risk profile associated with snowboarding. As a result, I’ve now gone with Ski Club GB insurance, which is far more reasonably priced and has variable levels of cover for different sports – you can pick and choose. It was sufficiently comprehensive that I chose it to cover me for the World Adventure Racing Championships in Costa Rica earlier this month – they were one of few companies who would tailor a policy to the particular sports and risks associated with adventure racing.

    Apart from them, I have heard good things about Dogtag but have no personal experience.


    I think Columbus Direct cover off-piste


    Autrian Alpine Club. £42 a year. Rescue and Repatriation (not much more) but that’s fine for me


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    Snowcard have also changed their policy so MTB competitions are no longer covered.

    I’ve gone back to Dogtag.


    Thanks all will check out BMC and Dogtag 🙂

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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