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  • postierich

    Tescos has been flattened and ALDI is on my ride home from the nursery,whats tasty good ie beans ,cereals and other everyday stuff.
    Tried the fresh fruit and veg and no problems there.

    Frugal Rich


    Cold meat type stuff is usually good – some nice cheese too.

    Premier Icon ton

    chorizo is ace
    cheap rice too
    cheap tommies
    and garlic too

    risotto for tea.
    omnomnomnomnomnom 😆

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    The swiss style muesli

    Fruit and veg


    Wychwood brewery beers


    Oaties biscuits (excellent Hobnobs rip off)

    Temptations cookies

    Their own brand Snickers and Twix bars

    Crisps and nut snacky type things

    Winter cycling gloves

    Cheapest bacon and egg sandwich of any supermarket

    Great flapjack bars for 37p each

    Bread isn’t bad

    Some of the cereals are a bit cheap tasting. most stuff great though

    Premier Icon xherbivorex

    the parsnip and the root vegetable crisps from aldi are pretty tasty…

    agreed with xherbivore – those crisps are excellent. if you’re sharing a bag, try and root out the beetroot ones first. mmmmmm
    nice sliced cheeses for use in toastiebags as well


    The tinned tomato + onion tuna is nice, as is their chargrilled pepper antipasti.


    Most of the pre-packed continental sliced meats.
    Sliced cheeses, gouda, emmental etc.
    Strawberry Crunch cereal is nice
    2nding the oaties!

    Tuna chunks in sweet chili sauce 8)


    Their disco biscuits are best for comedy value.

    The german style bread is nice, as is their crianza rioja

    Do you not have a Partidge’s? Not even Waitrose?

    Gosh. How the other half lives, eh?



    Cheers for the suggestions guys,its amazing how the packaging looks a very much likeness of the more expensive products.
    Do they do childrens food?

    Premier Icon miketually


    Yes! It’s gorgeous.

    Do they do childrens food?

    What’s children’s food?


    the stone baked rocket pizzas are great

    Also, have a look at the Lamb Shanks,they are very nice too.

    Yoghurts are great.

    Chilli Rice Crackers are worth a try too.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Frozen fish fillets are pretty good quality, as are the battered fish and the oven chips especially.

    Wychwood beer as mentioned, also most of the Aussie wine, go for the premium bottles – very good IME.

    Museli seconded and chorizo, if you can find it. It’s gone from mine now they aren’t doing a spanish promotion anymore.



    Wernesgrüner beer is very nice with a curry


    the jars of sun dried toms and mushrooms in oil are great for putting into pasta and homemade bread recipes. About a quid per jar.

    they also do wychwood beers in my local Aldi 😀


    i bought a pack of nussschneckers today. at müller you pay €1.20 for one, not the best i’ve ever eaten either – that honour goes to hamma bäckerei in allgäu. at aldi its €1.30 for two and they’re much better…..

    doesn’t help you much mind.

    aldi is good. infact i’d say it was prob one of the better supermarkets in germany.


    and if you translate nussschnecker it means literally ‘nut snail’

    They do some very nice low GI oval rolls made by a bakery called Alders I get some whenever I am passing my local branch in Thornton Merseyside.

    Premier Icon hopevalley

    chocolate covered coffee beans – ahhhhhhhh! food of the gods!


    Indeed, the Brioche is top drawer….. 😀

    Premier Icon tommytowtruck

    Their small multi grain loaves of bread are really nice – I think it’s called “Low GI” bread or something like that, in a black and clear package. They often have sold out though, I guess as it’s so nice. As above the cheese and cold meats are pretty good, pasta and rice, tinned tomatoes and fresh fruit and veg. Not that keen on their cereals though and I wasn’t keen on the flapjack bars. The best thing though is the madona biscuits, like oreos but even nicer!

    also most of the Aussie wine,

    I would also add that the Chillian and Bulgarian wines are very good. Their wine buyers are very good and havent had a bad bottle no matter what i have picked.

    the milk chocolate digestive biscuits are very nice.

    oh and the frozen Crispy Duck is lovely here

    theres lots of lovely things in there.


    the black packaging is their ‘Specially Selected’ range and you can’t go far wrong with any of it.

    Romagna stone baked pizza
    Chocolate brioche
    range of pesto
    beef wellington
    stilton burgers

    The whole lot!

    The david vine is good value with a Rioja reserve last week for under £7. Cooked meats superb as is the uncle fred.


    brioche is immense, and the beers are too good to miss out too, full on french style goodness!stubbies too which ups the cool factor.


    Big Pete

    Strange, we have no black packaged premium stuff in Telford, can’t imagine why 🙄


    stay away from the frozen meat section….. very scary!

    Premier Icon CHB

    The Wernesgrüner beer is lovely. As has been said, dairy products (continental cheese) and deli meats are great quality AND value.
    Their posh range of food is also excellent…had venison from there before Xmas with goosefat roasted spuds….yum.


    Shopping list sorted with all your suggestions,looks like I will be taking the van,hope to have some change out of the usual £120 a week shopping bill.

    I live on beans so I take it the Aldi ones are a no no?

    Premier Icon miketually

    The best thing about doing an Aldi shop is that there are only 4 aisles, so you’re done in about 10 minutes.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Aldi baked beans are pretty good.


    Disco Biscuits… bit of a disapointment really!


    Sausages and fresh meat in general are terrible.
    Everything else is great.
    They have some HUGE king/tiger prawns which me and the wife lived on for about a week (usually griddled with garlic/chilli).

    I live on beans so I take it the Aldi ones are a no no?

    My missus prefers their baked beans to the Heinz ones as they taste less sugary.

    Also their kidney beans are fine.

    Dishwasher tablets are just as good as their more fancy named branded tablets you get in the supermarkets

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